"And to this day, [those] who...know the self as I am Brahman [IS-ness], become all this universe. Even the gods [any other dimensional beings] cannot prevent his becoming this, for he has become their Self. ...if a man worships another deity thinking: He is one and I am another, he does not know. He [who does not know] is like a sacrificial animal to the gods. As many animals serve a man, so does each man serve the gods. Even if one animal is taken away, it causes anguish to the owner; how much more so when many are taken away! Therefore it is not pleasing to the gods that men should know this [that they are IS-ness]." Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, I.iv.10



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Alex Collier
Project Camelot LA Awake and Aware Conference
20 September 2009
[Ed note: Normally the transcripts that had any parts in them that had been difficult for the transcribers to hear were put in “audibles” in square brackets in red for Bill Ryan to attend to, fix, then he’d post the transcript; however, due to unexpected interruptions in the normal working process in Project Camelot, this normal process was not able to proceed forward, so the audibles were left in the square brackets.]

KERRY CASSIDY (KC): We’re very honored to have Alex Collier join us. This is pretty much unprecedented. He does not speak, as you may know, often or even has in quite some time.

So I just wanted to say that I got a message over a year ago that the Andromedans wished to speak and that they wished Alex Collier to come to Camelot and that we could provide a service or a platform for that. So we’ve been working to have that happen. It’s taken quite some time.

We’re really happy that this can happen today and we just want to say thank you very much for making this possible to the hidden beings here and around us at this time.

So, Alex, I’m actually not going to give you a big introduction beyond that today. I’m going to let you speak for yourself.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Alex Collier. [applause]

ALEX COLLIER (AC): Can you all hear? All right. Great. I want to thank all the speakers. I was at home yesterday watching the streaming and God, they were just... you know, George Green, and just all of the speakers – just fantastic. They give so much.

I know that all of you here give so much and you try in your own way to share the Light. I mean, there’s two ways to be the Light – one is to be the candle and the other is the mirror that reflects the candle.

We live in an extraordinary time on Earth. I mean, absolutely extraordinary. In the next several years, you’re all going to think you’re living in a science fiction movie. You are living in a science fiction movie, except it isn’t a movie, it’s reality.

If you want information on me, I think there’s some on the Web, both pro and con.

I’m just going to get right into it. I’m going to give you some updates and then we’re going to talk about some things that I was specifically asked to speak to you about from Morenae.

Einstein said: You cannot solve the problems of the world with the same thinking that created them, and that is no more relevant than it is today. We have enormous problems, or challenges – I should say: challenges – that take enormous amounts of brainstorming and solutions.

The difficulty in trying to solve some of the issues that we have is the fact that we do not have all the data. The two gentlemen that were up here prior to, alluded to that. So did Robert Dean; Mr. Green; Bill and Kerry have; so many of the speakers, as we keep trying to go forth and gather all the information to try to solve this out.

I, like many of the other speakers and each of you, have a small piece of the puzzle. Now, we’re going to talk about some of that today.

I know that there’s an awful lot of talk about Disclosure. I know that in the Exopolitics community, there’s a great deal of talk about Disclosure.

I personally don’t believe the United States government’s ever going to admit it. It’ll probably come from another country, India or China, first. Or the extraterrestrials themselves are going to show themselves and just say: Hey, this charade’s gone on long enough, which is probably the highest probability at this point. We will talk about some of that today.

I had honed my presentation for an hour because that’s what I thought I had, so in talking about solving the problems, at the very top of our power structure, the planet Earth lives in a pyramidal power structure.

Extraterrestrial civilizations no longer use that power structure – the pyramidal power structure. They have been using a holographic ever since the end of the Orion Wars -- which would be in our linear time about 360,000 years ago.

Since then, most of the civilized, benevolent civilizations, including some of the rogue regressive groups – and they are a minority – have been using a holographic social structure, and we’re going to talk about that today.

We’re also going to talk about creating a new Domain of Knowing, a space in which we can create an opportunity for Earth to be mentored, because we need some help here. We are a little bit in over our heads. [laughter]

So, it takes me a little while to warm up here; I’m a little rusty. [laughter]

As of the last several days, much of the Cassini project has been classified. The reason for that is because of all the mother ship activity that has now been filmed and documented in the Saturnian system, around Saturn.

We also have, a million-and-a-half miles off of the South Pole, a 20-mile craft that has sat and is stationary. NASA and other organizations’ telescopes have been monitoring it for eight months. They watch its trajectory to us. It is now stationary and there are craft going in and out of this 20-mile structure. I don’t know any more about it than that.

I also want you to know that there is a very large planetary structure coming in, 18 degrees right ascension of Neptune’s orbit. It should be visible sometime in the next year.

There is an awful lot going on and, of course, you’re all paying the bills and no one’s being told anything about it.

Now, it goes far deeper than spooking the herd. That is really not the intention here at all.

The intention here, and what’s really been going on, is simply this: Bob Dean made a reference yesterday to almost feeling sorry for the government about the situation that they’re in. I would have to concur with him on that, in the fact that the government made some treaties, cut some deals for technology, in exchange for experimentation and observation... and they were tricked.

They really did not know what they were getting themselves into, and now the hand has been dealt.

There are many people within the UFO community that say that all the extraterrestrials are benevolent. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is in my own personal opinion, and based on the knowledge that I have, that that is completely irresponsible to say. [applause]

We live in a duality, because if it was all love and light, we would not be going down this road to global fascism and the Powers That Be wanting to eliminate two-thirds of the world’s population. That is not love and light.

So, we have a lot of things to cover, and a lot of things are going to be occurring.

The economic situation is what it is. Mr. Green gave a fantastic presentation yesterday. There is absolutely nothing that I disagree with him about. He made a reference to buying gold and silver. I think that’s a really good idea. However, you cannot eat gold and silver.

It is imperative that you start storing food and I will tell you simply why. If they do crash the dollar, which they are going to do in order to create a global currency and a global government, you won’t be able to buy food. He made reference to the currency being devalued six-to-one in the next several months. Gasoline will go to $18, $20 a gallon. Truckers will not be able to deliver products. What you have is what you’ll have.

It is imperative to, if you can, start forming within your community, community gardens, figuring it out. You need to start talking about this.

I know most people are simply not open to it. Just do the best you can. I mean, we’re all fighting the fight.

Now, America is on the front line of this and the reason is simple. America created a new Domain of Knowing. America was created to get rid of the aristocracy of the Old World, to create something new, to create individual liberties, to create personal freedoms. That was never known in the world before.

We have that, and because of our apathy, we have lost virtually all of those. It is no one else’s fault. It is our own fault.

We have known since The Sixties that the CIA has been trafficking narcotics. We know this. We have known that the CIA has been assassinating and overthrowing governments.

We have known that there’s been a cover-up of what there is on the Moon and inside our Solar System. We know this. We know that there is extraterrestrial life. We know this. That is no longer the discussion. We know that the government has become corrupt.

The people – the personages – that rule the planet are not us. They are not human beings. And I will say this with my very last breath: They are not us. [applause]

Now, what happened was that they took over because they think holographically. It was very easy to get around the pyramidal power structure on Earth because it’s completely obsolete everywhere else out there.

So, if you come in using a holograph, using holographic thinking, what you do is you create your structure everywhere so no matter what happens, whether one group gets taken out, another group gets taken out, is gone -- the other components are still there to rise up and still manage and control, because each of these components have a picture of the whole.

They have all the technology and everything they need to continue to control and dominate and brainwash. We’re over our heads here, but we’re not alone.

Now, what happened was they took over. It was very easy to take over the governments: You dangle technology, you dangle knowledge, you dangle ancient history, and you give them this technology in secret. You have it. We’re going to give it to you. The United States of America made this mistake.

So, Bob Dean, again; Mr. Dean made a reference yesterday to the missing trillions of dollars from the Federal Reserve. I have been told it’s $24 trillion dollars, is what they carry on their books, and virtually most of that has gone into the secret space program and the colonization of our Solar System.

You can choose to believe that or not. It doesn’t matter and it doesn’t change the reality of it.

So, what happened was, the pirates took over the ship. The governments, realizing that they had all this technology and that they were a thousand years more advanced than we were, instead of telling everyone: Hey, we have a problem here, and standing tall and doing the right thing, they joined the pirates.

We are literally only now, as passengers on the ship, finding out and realizing that we’ve been hijacked. That’s the movement. And many people are going to have a very difficult time when they realize that reality is not at all what they think it is or what they thought it was. Even those of us who have been exposed to this for many, many years have “Oh shit!” moments. [laughter] It’s impossible not to, you know?

Yes, our politicians sold out. It was easy to corrupt them. [sighs] We have an enormous mess. They’re stuck in the middle as well.

Over the next year, year and a half, there’re going to be so many changes. America is the focal point here of this and the reason for that is because Americans, despite our educational system, are still very smart. We are very able to think out of the box. We are excellent problem-solvers and we are armed to the teeth. They constantly will have to be looking over their shoulder unless they take us out.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s the goal. They cannot have a World Government without taking out the U.S. – and I mean taking it to its knees.

Now, this is not where the whole presentation is going, but it’s important to give you this background because the world used to look to us for the ideals of freedom. Immigrants all over the world have come to America. My grandparents were immigrants to this country, because they believed in individual liberties. They believed in freedom. They believed in the principles that were in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that is who we are. We are not the crap that they show you on television. [applause]

Gentlemen, you are not the weak-kneed, sissy morons they try to portray us on television, either. You are strong; you are family-oriented; you have faith, and you are warriors. And you’re going to need to take a stand and defend your country and your family. Make no mistake about it.

The two gentlemen that were here talking about the Super Soldiers? Yeah. They’re here. They’re definitely here. They’re hybrids. They’re here, and there’s more that’s been going on.

I was hoping that one of them would talk about what happened in Dulce, New Mexico, but they did not. And I don’t necessarily want to go there either because... [sighs] ... Oh, God, it’s sick. It’s sick. [audience response, questions]

Now I... There’s other things to cover, but I bring it up because many people that have the knowledge, that have been in Black Ops, Special Ops, that have been involved in the ET component, know about that small rogue group – and they’re not gone yet. Some of them are still here. All right? And they still create and wreak havoc. I also want to tell you – and I have been asked to share this with you – about the vaccine, the new swine flu vaccine. Morenae has told me to tell you or everyone that this vaccine will permanently damage your DNA. So, whatever else comes out of that, it will permanently damage your DNA. [applause]

Now, many of us in the community and in the world as a whole, we can’t even agree on what the problem is and because of that, we will never even agree on a solution. So it’s imperative that open dialogue continue to occur.

I know that for those who have been in the Exopolitics – that’s what I’m basically calling the UFO community, Exopolitics, now – you have had a remarkable amount of patience. And your biggest tests are coming, because as more and more of this information comes out, more and more people are going to want to ask you, who they thought were crazy: What the hell’s going on?

They’re going to want to know. And you’re going to have to try, in a very calm manner, explain it to them even though you yourselves are going to have all the butterflies – you’re going to be wondering: How the hell am I even going to deal with this? – Because you have some background information.

Now, this ET component is really about us. It is our destiny to travel the stars. It is our destiny to continue to move out and colonize space, especially our own Solar System. It is not our destiny to be killed by vaccines and war.

You will have to make those choices. My choices are already made. My decisions are clear. I am the father of five children. There is no way I’m going to back down and I’m going to sell them into slavery. Never going to happen! [applause] Okay? You need to make your own choices.

Okay. I once asked Vissaeus, one of the Andromedans who has since crossed over, what was to become of us. (Some of this may be a review for some of you.) What was to become of us? What was going to happen to our race, to our civilization?

He just looked at me and he said: This is how we see you: Responsible, freedom of self-determination, becoming truly self-confident and free, to unconditionally be responsible for oneself without being coerced to accept some higher authority.

In our Galaxy, [as] the more advanced the civilizations have become in the center of the Galaxy, the riffraff had to start moving out to the outskirts of the galaxy. The riffraff – just like Star Wars, okay? We are in the boonies and that’s why we have some riffraff here. We’re not the only planetary race that is having problems with the riffraff.

But what’s unique about us is that, genetically, we are considered -- to the Andromedan race – [to be] genetic royalty.

I have been saying this since day one: We are extremely unique and it’s because of that uniqueness, we have enormous strength. We have enormous capacity for emotions. We have enormous intent and drive to not only survive, but to create. What we lack is faith in ourselves.

At the end of World War II... Well, let me put it another way: The Nazis didn’t lose the war. Okay? Germany lost the war, but the Nazis were brought here and to Russia.

Now, the mind technology, the mind control, the space technology, the reverse engineering, the technology that they had been given prior to the war by a small group of extraterrestrials from the star system of Aldebaran, was brought here and honed and polished and combined with other technology that the Zeta Twos [Zeta Reticuli 2], the Dows [Ed note: spelling of “Dows” is uncertain; googled and found nothing.] -- what many folks know as the Grays – all those began to compliment each other; remarkable technology.

Technology we absolutely need here. I mean, the combustion engine has been obsolete for 70 years. I understand that India also is now going to experiment on wireless electricity. Hell, Tesla did that in 1902 in Colorado Springs. We know it works. Okay? But those that were funding his experiment asked him: Where’s the meter? And he says: Well, there is none. It’s free. They shut it down.

The question is... well, we’ll get to that. I’m sorry. I’m jumping around here.

The reality is, Ladies and Gentlemen, what kind of country do you want to live in? What kind of world do you want to live in? Clearly what we’re doing now doesn’t work – it has run its course.

We have a government that has a lot of problems. We have corruption within it... not all of it, but we clearly have corruption within it. They have sold out and have been totally compromised. They themselves don’t know what to do and their only solution is to turn the power of the military and the power of the pharmaceutical companies against the American people. That’s their solution.

That is not okay. That’s not okay!

It’s time for the UFO, the Exopolitics community, to start creating another Domain of Knowing, and that Domain of Knowing is two things: What does a holographic social structure look like? How can we live with a holographic social structure, mirrored after some of the principles that our Founding Fathers laid, but it wasn’t perfect?

What could we do now? And we’re not just talking about the United States. This has to be a global thing; this has to be a global movement. What does that look like?

So we need to create and start groups, dialogues, talking about living in a holographic structure where all the information that is available – Black Op, Secret, Top Secret, Above Top Secret – is available to everyone.

We could just start with the information that we do have; the rest of it will come. It’s going to collapse on itself because it’s no good. It cannot stand on its own. The minute we turn our focus away from them and they can’t feed off our fear, it will collapse in a heartbeat. Because where focus goes, energy flows.

As long as they keep you looking at it, they are using the energy of your soul, of your spirit, to feed this monstrosity. It’s time to just ignore them. Turn your focus away and let’s create what we really, really want – but we have to decide what that is.

Along with that, I have been asked to start asking people to talk to people – you’re the first to hear this – about what would it look like for you, for Earth, and we’ll start with the Exopolitics community. What would it look like for you to be mentored by several benevolent extraterrestrial races? What would that look like?

What would we need to do to establish, not only that communication, but at the same time have us feel safe, with checks and balances, so that they could walk their talk and we have to walk our talk?

Open mentorship is our destiny. It’s going to happen anyway, but we cannot wait for the government to turn itself around. It can’t because it’s not in control. Right? It is not in control. So, we have to turn our focus away from all that drama and figure out another way.

What I want to do now is read to you what I was given way-back-when regarding creating a Domain of Knowing. This also came from Vissaeus:

Create another Domain of Knowing, communicating, and being. In other words, the domain of calling forth or generating your intent needs to be more distinct.

Your physics, as you call it, is a good example of this calling-forth. There have been men on your planet who have called forth new domains of thinking that never existed before here.

They invented it. They didn’t fantasize it, they didn’t pretend. They literally created this new context from what you now call physics.

Your humanity is strong with this kind of example. No being, however, makes the distinction that this is what they are.

I would like to give you an example: your concept of human rights. It wasn’t so long ago that no such thing existed on your planet. It just simply didn’t exist. You Terrans did not have any rights. Only the kings and the priests had their rights, but most of you Terrans do not have any rights. So you and other Terrans created human rights from nothing.

You created the domain that created not only the rights to come forth, you created the language and then you communicated it, and this communication that you gave had power because it was full of intent. It has the power not only to represent and to invoke, but also to literally bring it into being.

This is what your races need to do in order to clearly know yourselves.

Now, in talking about that, let’s talk about religions for a moment. The pyramidal structure of our governments primarily have come out of ancient Rome, and Rome was essentially controlled by 13 families. Those 13 families still exist today.

Many of the world’s religions, though they’ve had a tremendous amount of value and have brought an enormous amount of comfort to many people in our history and in our present day, they focus on shame, guilt, sin, and control.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s the trap. They don’t focus on self-responsibility. They don’t focus on life or respect. They, in fact, create more division than we have ever known.

Now, did they start out that way? With the exception of the Roman Catholic Church – I’m just going to be blunt about it – no. But the Powers That Be are masters of infiltrating movements. What they do... and I’ll give you the best example I can give you is that of a charitable foundation.

A foundation is created using the power of the people and the monies, the resources of the people, to do something that is of a benefit to humanity. As it’s moving and it begins to gain power and it starts to spread and shift consciousness, awareness, the Powers That Be will walk in and say: Hey, we really believe in what you’re doing and we’re going to give you a 25-million-dollar grant to help you continue to do your work. But we want to put one of our members on the Board, just to make sure that the money is spent wisely.

Then they do it again, and now you have a second Board member. And now you have a third Board member, and before you know it, that movement, that foundation, instead of going up and creating more consciousness, more awareness, is now heading the other way. Now they also control the wealth of that foundation.

We have been thinking in a pyramidal structure and a third density structure. They’re in fourth density and holographic. We have to think the same way and we have to be talking about: How is it that we got ourselves into this?

It’s essential that we put blame to the side for the moment. There’s plenty of that and there will be plenty of that.

What we need is the knowledge. We need to know how these structures work, so that we can create something different, something in total opposition to it, because I can’t imagine everybody’s happy with the way things are.

And this isn’t just about the United States. This is about the global population because the extraterrestrial races don’t see us as separate countries. They see us as one race, and we’re all between a rock and a hard place, pretty much – at the moment.

Taking personal responsibility is huge, but it really is the first and the biggest step to achieving full consciousness.

I’m going to read you a quote that I found. It’s from a gentleman named Little Hawk. He’s a Native American Indian with the Mohawk tribe: Take credit for your mistakes, not what you do good -- because you’re supposed to be doing good anyway.

We’ve all made mistakes; we’ve all screwed up, but that’s part of the learning process. If you had all knowledge and you were all-seeing, you wouldn’t need to be here. So collectively and individually, we need to start looking at the world and saying: What has my contribution been?

Now, I’m not talking about going out and trying to save the world. It’s not about that at all. It’s really about each one of us individually. It’s about being the Light. It’s about not feeling shame for our mistakes. It’s about absolutely learning that you are not a sinner. That is such crap that I want to vomit every time I hear that.

You are not a sinner! You are a spiritual being in a physical body, or as George Green said, Rent-a-Wreck. I liked that. That was really cute. Okay? [applause]

Now, look at the structure that is overlaying us: Governments of control and dominance; a monetary system that controls everything. Corporations and banks that own the debt of every nation, which means literally they’re in control, because they have the debt. We have medical and pharmaceutical companies who have had cures for cancer and other diseases that now want to damage your DNA with untested vaccinations.

Imagine how afraid they are of you! Can you just for a moment imagine how afraid of you they are? And now you’ve got to ask yourself the question: Why are they afraid of you?

Because we are awesome, awesome Creator-Gods. We have the ability to create reality, to bring it forth, to call it forth, and they have done everything they can to continue to make sure that we believe we’re powerless.

This is why so many extraterrestrial races are coming here now -- because they know different. On some level, Ladies and Gentlemen, we consciously have called forth this drama. This is really about us. We have called this forth. This is really about us. It’s not about them. And we need to step into our power here. We need to fully understand it’s time for us to step into our power as a planetary race, and not see the borders anymore.

Now, I would not be that opposed to a global government if it was set up with a constitution like the U.S. Constitution and an Absolute Bill of Rights. But even then, that’s not a guarantee, because if people don’t defend those rights, if people don’t defend their liberties, what good is it?

We’ve just experienced that. Okay? We’ve just experienced that. In 1913, when the Federal Reserve took over, that’s when the train started going the other way, and here we are a hundred trillion dollars in debt – an absolutely ridiculous number. It’s probably higher. Who knows?

Now, in creating our holographic model of a civilization or a social structure, do we want to have a monetary system? Do we actually need a monetary system? Because we’re the only ones that I’m aware of in our Galaxy that still use a monetary system.

In fact, many, many years ago I had been asked by Morenae, Vissaeus to put together a short presentation on money. They already knew about it, but I did the best that I could.

When it was over, Vissaeus just looked at me and he goes: I don’t understand.

And I said: What do you don’t understand?

He says: I don’t understand why you have to pay to live on a planet you were born on. [laughs]

Ladies and Gentlemen, that has haunted me ever since. That little bit, just that one little thing, takes you completely out of the box. For the first time you begin to think: Well jeez, what would it look like not to have a currency? You know?

Advanced civilizations: all their needs are taken care of. All of their standard day-to-day life needs are met by the government, no strings attached, and then you donate your time and your expertise and your skills to do something you want that benefits the whole. I’m not talking about communism, either. It’s something bigger than that, but we need some help in defining what that is.

Now, we have a lot of really brilliant, intelligent people here; here and in the world. I know other people around the world have been talking about similar things. Creating a different society, and maybe even a holographic society, and what that looks like, a holographic power structure, so no matter what happens, it will totally always stand on its own.

The Founding Fathers tried to do something like this when they created all the states as equal, in control, and separate from the government. That was pretty much their intent whether they realized it or not.

I also want you to know that we have a lot of help. We are getting a lot of help from the spiritual side as well as the dimensional side – and I’m not talking about just dimensional beings. I am talking about, also, extraterrestrials.

I’ll give you an example of what I’m talking about: The vision at Valley Forge of George Washington. I know that a lot of people on the Net... if you’ve not researched it, I suggest that you do. Some say it’s a hoax. It’s not a hoax.

I also want you to know that Thomas Jefferson in his dairies, was out walking at his estate in Monticello, was trying to figure out the verbiage, the language, in regards to the Declaration of Independence when he was met by a hooded man, who he never really clearly saw, who gave him the conversation and the pieces that he needed to finish the Declaration of Independence.

I also want you to know that in the Constitutional hall, when everybody was bantering and going back and forth and it looked like no one was going to sign the Declaration of Independence, up on the top railing of the hall a man appeared out of nowhere, and for 20 minutes, gave an oration about how important this was – not only to the United States and to the moment – but to the entire world as a whole. As soon as he was done, everybody rushed to the table and signed the Declaration of Independence.

Benjamin Franklin and the Sergeant-at-Arms went upstairs to try to talk to this man because they wanted to know who he was. There were armed guards at every single door. The armed guards swore no one went in, no one went out.

So, there is Divine providence here, Ladies and Gentlemen. It is not a mistake that you live in this country. It is not a mistake that you are who you are.

Enough is enough! It is time we step into our power, and very simple steps will do this. First you have to make a decision and the decision is: No more bullshit. Okay? No more bullshit! [applause]

America is the reason it is, because we allowed it to happen by our apathy. Okay? We have elections. We know we’re voting for the lesser of two evils. We know that, but we do it anyway.

I also want you to know that the President of the United States is not in charge of our government. [laughter] He’s just not. I want you to know that there are 47 layers of Top Secret clearances above the President of the United States. Forty-seven layers!

You want to know your secret government? That’s your secret government. He can’t even get a clearance. He doesn’t even know who to talk to, to get a clearance to find out about this stuff.

So, it is important that we turn our focus a little bit and we start creating something different. This is what the founders did. This is what many people have done throughout the world. The Renaissance was something exactly like this. They threw off Rome and they tried to do something different – Rome, the church, the government of Rome -- they threw it off and they tried to create something different, and it went for a while.

Mentoring: The conversation in the Exopolitics community, in my personal opinion, is no longer Do UFOs exist? It’s completely irrelevant. We already know they do.

Where do they come from? That has some validity. Is it metal? That doesn’t have any validity; it doesn’t matter. What matters is: Why are they here? And what can we do to learn from this experience?

Now, the reason that many of the extraterrestrial groups – benevolent – are not talking to the government is because they know they’re compromised.

I will tell you that there has begun some mentoring, off-world, of our military. Off-world. It has begun, but that is such a small piece. What really needs to happen is we need to create a new Domain of Knowing and we need to call this information directly to ourselves. No more middle-men. They can’t be trusted. We have to do it ourselves.

Now, how do we go about that? I don’t have all those pieces. The idea was to share it and plant the seed inside of all of you to start thinking about: What does mentoring look like?

How would you imagine extraterrestrials coming down and saying: Okay folks, you have pollution. We can help you with that, but these are the steps you need to do. Here’s the technology that already exists on your planet to do this, and here is how you need to use it responsibly.

Again, self-responsibility.

Food, the growing of food; water… Ladies and Gentlemen, we have the technology to have all the drinking water we want – just build desalination plants. We have all the water we need. But they won’t spend a dime on any of that, because if you don’t have water, they have control over you.

We have so much technology. We have free energy on the Earth. Tesla did it in 1902. We know it exists. Okay?

A hydrogen engine in a car was built in 1955 and did 110 laps at the Indianapolis 500 Race Track. The plans were bought by Gulf-Western Oil and never seen from again. That’s 1955. [laughs] There’s just so much! There’s so much.

The Law of Consistency, which is what the Andromedans call their holographic civilization, is set up like this:

Every child, whether they understand the knowledge or not, is given the latest and greatest technology or knowledge, information, data, as it arrives. It starts at the youngest level. It doesn’t start at the top and stay there and then they decide: Well, we’ll wait till they’re 25 to tell them about it.

It is not the same song. We need the children to evolve to advanced maturity a lot faster than they are. Yes, they’re growing up pretty fast, but not to advanced maturity.

Every single piece of information, every single tool that is available, is available to everyone, across the board. The children that graduate from school in the Andromedan civilization are smarter than their parents and no one has a problem with that, because they inherit the society. They’re the ones that continue to go out and expand the society and create the holographic pillars of their society.

We are completely going backwards here, and if that isn’t evident to everyone, I don’t know what is.

The Law of Consistency is that every truth is spoken, everyone is forgiven, there is no monetary system. There is an absolutely free healthcare system, but it has nothing to do with pharmaceuticals. [applause] It has to do with color, light, and sound, which is what we are, even in our physicality: color, light, and sound.

It has to do with the advancement of the soul. We have a damaged DNA structure, so when we reincarnate, we do not always remember things. There are people who do great jobs doing past life regression and people can pull some of those pieces. But to have cognizant memory when you come back into physicality is something we don’t have presently. They have that because they don’t have a damaged DNA structure.

Can our DNA structures be repaired? According to them, absolutely yes, but we need to make some changes.

We need to create the space for us to be free enough to explore those possibilities. We cannot do that with the power structure that’s in existence today, so we need to create another Domain of Knowing, and that begins with yourselves.

The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry lifetime after lifetime. It all begins with us, each one of us individually.

Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, if we work, start thinking, start talking about a mentoring relationship, what that looks like. How would we want to put it together? Even go so far as to say: Okay, here’s where we want to do this. Here’s how we want to do it. Who do we want present? Do we televise it to the masses?

Everything, every detail. They absolutely will meet us halfway. They are not going to come in here and save us or rescue us from ourselves. They’re not going to do it.

If any of you are familiar with the Andromedan information, one of the things that was first shared with me when I became an adult was that in our Galaxy, tyranny showed up very unexpectedly. And them, and other races that are part of the Andromedan Council, have come back in time to this moment on our planet and the other star systems that are having problems with the pirates, to this time period.

This shift in consciousness here is what flips it either way. They’re going to intervene and they have been intervening in very, very subtle ways, because no one wants to live in tyranny, not now or in the future. No one does.

So this is our moment. This is our moment as a humanity, as a race, to really decide: Are or are we not going to unite as one? Are we or are we not going to watch each others’ back? Are we or are we not going to stop taking crap from bureaucracy?

We have to make a decision and that decision is upon you, and you’re going to be forced very, very soon to make a decision. And I’m, you know, I’m not just talking to you folks here in the audience. I know that this is being streamed and I know that these DVDs and things have a life of their own. I know that better than anybody.

The time is now and all it does, it starts with you, just to make a decision – okay? – to do something, to be radical, to be a rebel again.

Most of us guys in this audience, we know what that’s like, being a rebel. We grew up shooting guns, chewing toast into the shape of a pistol. Okay? Rescuing the damsel, excited about the next adventure -- we know about that, you know? That’s part of who we are. We are not domesticated lap dogs. We’re just not. And I’m not going to be!

I’m not talking about going out and causing crimes. I’m talking about defending yourself, your liberties, your rights, your family and your community. Because nobody else is going to do it for you. In fact, they’re all working against us, and even they don’t realize what they’re doing – they really don’t. Because so much information is compartmentalized, they don’t realize the big picture.

But many people are waking up very, very quickly, and I know I’m preaching to the choir in that. But it’s amazing to see how many people are waking up and questioning everything.

This is our moment. The next several years is our moment and it really needs to begin now. 2012 is not the end of the world – isn’t going to happen. It’s not our destiny.

However, the Earth will be going through some transitions because we will be crossing the galactic plane and the galactic plane has an intense magnetic gravitational field. There will be changes. It’s inevitable. Mr. Green touched on some of that yesterday and others have talked about this as well.

It’s going to happen, so you need to start thinking about: Where do I really want to be? Okay, if it’s here, fine, make the best of it, but create your space of independence. Don’t take it for granted any longer. We can’t.

The whole world is looking at us. The Asians, the Europeans -- they can’t believe how stupid we are. [laughter] Gospel! They can’t believe how stupid we are! They're like: What’s wrong with the Americans? You know?

I don’t have an answer. Do you? [inaudible audience comment] You watch TV! [laughs].

What I’d like to do, because I do have some extra time, is I would really love to entertain some questions, if that’s all right. [applause] Easy ones! [laughs]

KC: Okay. Thank you, Alex. This is excellent, and I want to address the mentoring suggestion because I think it’s actually fascinating. I think that this is coming directly from the Andromedans that you’ve been in contact with.

AC: Yes, it is.

KC: Mentoring is an interesting way of putting it. Okay? If you mentor somebody, you do not rule them. You do not tell them what to do. That’s key.

Nobody here’s even suggested this; I think it’s fascinating. So what we have here is the notion that you can be in contact with beings that can help teach you. Now, this is going on. This is going on. I’m aware of it. Camelot is aware of it. By God, we wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for that.

There is mentoring going on, but you do have to ask for that to happen, and you have to be as fully conscious in the process and as responsible and have that ability. You cannot sit there and ask them to do for you. It’s not what it’s about.

So I would love it if you would talk about that because you obviously have been mentored, so who better to teach us: What does that look like? How is the interaction with you?

Just describe... and I know you have maybe talked to some degree. But in your interactions, if you could discuss some of the ways they have mentored you to this point.

AC: Okay. Know that my mentoring has gone on with times that I have literally been kicking and screaming. The biggest portion of the mentoring has really been: Why do I believe things and what it is that I believe?

So a lot of times the question will come; I will ask a question or I will have a perspective and they will immediately come back and say: Well, why do you believe that? What is your process of believing that that’s true?

For example, religions. It was one of the biggest things that I had when I was a kid, and it was an issue that my father brought up to me as well when I told him about this.

We have formed perceptions of reality that are not based in reality. They’re only based on perception.

Now, in accepting that perception as reality, what we do is we reinforce that illusion. And that’s what we have done on Earth, is we have reinforced the illusion about who we are. About our strengths, about our power, about how we’re supposed to live on the Earth. About being stuck on the Earth, about how we are supposed to raise our children. We have all bought into these perceptions.

The hardest things were to really look at myself, and this is really where the work is – it’s always with yourself. The most difficult work has probably been, for me, in the last five, six, seven years.

Questions like: Well, who am I? They don’t answer it. They don’t say: Well, you’re this and this and this, but what they do is they will guide. They have guided me to who it is that I want to be.

First was understanding that you are not just a physicality. That’s the first thing to grasp – you are not a physicality.

And just like some of the speakers said yesterday – I believe it was Mr. Green who talked about: there is a soul and it’s 22 grams. I think they've measured that in body weight. That is really who you are and connecting to who that person really is, what that essence is all about, you begin to realize: Oh my God, I am not at all who I thought I was.

I’m purposely being vague because I don’t necessarily want to tell you who I am other than to say that who I am here on Earth in this lifetime, and the mistakes that I have made, on some level I knew better not to make those mistakes. Okay? But we do. We do. We experiment. We create.

As far as the meaning of life, they would never tell me what that was exactly. All they would say is: You are creating your own adventure. So again, the responsibility is on me.

As far as mentoring – to want to talk and to speak – the idea was to just keep it very, very simple. To just share their perspectives and let the people do whatever they wanted with it. And it doesn’t matter whether anyone believes it or not. People know truth, people know bullshit. Eventually it all comes to the surface; it has to.

Because all of you are just like me; you all know better, you know what’s real. It’s just a question of detaching ourselves from our addiction to physicality. And that’s what it is now – it’s become an addiction because the focus is on the physicality. We’re not objective anymore.

As a soul, when you have an out-of-body experience and you detach from your physical form, you are completely objective. You have a 360-degree peripheral view and that’s because you’re objective. You’re not addicted. You’re not stuck in the body or addicted to the body.

That’s the part that they have been working on with me the most, is to actually feel and know that essence of myself as much as possible.

So, when we talk about mentoring, the mentoring is to get us from where we are here to self-empowerment. That’s what I’m talking about.

Once we have achieved self empowerment – and it won’t take long folks; it really won’t take long – we will know exactly what to do, because we are spiritual beings. We are eternal; there is no age to us. And that’s not a metaphysical blind. That is a reality.

So, the mentoring is to help us move out of our addiction to physicality into full power as spiritual beings. And it isn’t full of dogma; it isn’t any of that. It’s all about introspection, voluntary introspection. That’s what it is.

KC: Thank you. Thank you.

AUDIENCE MEMBER #1 (AM1): Hi, Mr. Collier. Thanks for being here today. I wanted to ask you something about something you mentioned in your interview before. You mentioned that an ancient race called the Paa Tal created human beings, probably so long ago; I wondered if you could just elaborate on that, because I always wondered about it ever since you said it. Thanks.

AC: It is believed that an ancient race – some of them call them The Founders, other cultures call them the Paa Tal – created not only the wormholes, but created most of the physicality in what we know as our universe. Because, as they travel, they are finding civilizations and the ruins of civilizations far beyond anything that even they know... and we’re talking fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth-density space travelers who are traveling not only in, and moving in, our physicality and other physicalities, but even their own.

The wormholes is the best example that I’ve been given. No one, no advanced space race has any idea how they were actually built, but we know that they exist. In fact, there are several that have snapped, connecting our Galaxy to some of the other nearby Galaxies. They’ve snapped and no one knows how to fix them because we don’t even know how they were built.

AM #2 (DAN): I’m Dan Bender, the one who’s still working on the streaming. I was asked by the streaming audience, which is now up to 1,500 members currently watching – and I think we’ve probably have over 10,000 that tuned in on this particular segment. [applause] Thank you. I’ve kind of picked three quick questions... hopefully, they’re quick, that I was asked to pass on. They’re randomly chosen, so they may not be the best ones we’ve got out there, but what the heck?

One of the first ones was: What free energy devices do you know about?

AC: One I know is magnetic. Essentially, it was invented by a gentleman in Tennessee. It was just a bit larger than a shoebox and it was generated by magnetics. It had an engine inside of it and it spun. Once you started it, it would power a home completely independent, no matter where it was.

I understand that the gentleman and the technology vanished about eight years ago. He tried to get a patent on it and that’s when he basically went off the grid. He actually demonstrated that technology and he began building that technology back in 1976.

DAN: The second question I have is: Can mentoring happen on the Internet?

Now, I have to admit, I wasn’t completely paying attention to everything because I was so busy with everything on the Internet, but that’s the question I have.

AC: I don’t know. That’s a great question. I don’t know. I wouldn’t see why not.

DAN: Okay. I guess we have to figure it out – one of my little side jobs I’ve got to do. [laughter] Last question I have here so I can let some of the other folks get back in here: How do you deal with the greed issue?

AC: I don’t have an answer for that.

DAN: Okay.

AC: I mean, what is greed? That they’ll never have enough? It’s basically grounded in fear, I would think. Fear of loss, fear of abstinence, fear of not having enough, fear of loss. To me that’s what greed is. It’s just a fear.

Can it become an addiction? Apparently it has. [laughter] But I personally don’t have an answer for that.

DAN: Thank you from the Internet audience.

AC: Okay. Thank you. [applause]

AUDIENCE MEMBER #3 (AM3): You mentioned about possible coming changes, like on a geological level. To me it seems so chancy. I’d appreciate maybe your thoughts on: Do we just trust our intuition as far as where to go, what to do, how to plan for something like that, or...? It seems a rather daunting thing to try to get your head around.

AC: Well, you know, change occurs all the time and you do things intuitively all the time as well, whether you realize it or not. You might change the way you go home one day and do something different, and then when you get home, you find out that right where you would have been, there was a horrific car crash. That, in fact, just happened to my wife. She did something completely out of the ordinary, for her, and she would have been right there.

So, you know, everybody has their guides; everybody has their own intuition. I’m not always the most intuitive at times, either.

The only way I know to answer this is you just learn to trust yourself. It could be that you’ll be guided to go out of town when something happens. I don’t have that answer. Or you will be right where you don’t think you need to be, but you’re going to be there for a very, very good reason, and out of it will come a self-empowerment that you never would have had before.

We all have our own paths and we are all creating our own realities. We all have our own personal agendas for learning and growing and becoming who we are. Your experience is going to be very different from mine. I don’t know how, you know, to tell you.

I mean, hey, if I had a hard date? But I never do. I don’t get a hard date and I’ve made that mistake in the past about giving hard dates, when in fact, they were probabilities.

So the fact is, I don’t know either, but you just have to trust that you will be exactly where you need to be when you need to be there. And I know that’s kind of a foo-foo, la-di-dah answer, but that’s my own experience as well, you know? That I just have to pray and have faith that I’ll be exactly where I need to be.

AM3: I appreciate that. That’s pretty much my take on it and I just wanted to kind of see where your thoughts were on that. Because to try to take it from a mental perspective, and plan, and get out maps and... seems a little absurd to me. So I go in the other direction, trusting in the flow of life. So I appreciate that answer. Thank you.

AC: Exactly. And personally, I wrestle with that all the time. I try to have backup plan to backup plan to backup plan to backup plan, and I spend all this energy doing this and it goes in a completely in a different direction. So... [laughs]

AUDIENCE MEMBER #4 (AM4): How’re you doing? Thank you for being here. I just have a question. When you mentioned the thing about the 47 levels of government...

AC: Levels of security clearance.

AM4: Yeah, security, that the President doesn’t even know, that he’s not really in charge. This happened 46 years ago, of course, but I was just wondering what are your thoughts on the purpose of President Kennedy’s assassination? I just was curious about that, you know, just wondering.

AC: [audience response/inaudible comments] No, no. Don’t be sorry! Don’t be sorry. I just... oooh man!

Okay. I will tell you my perspective on that. [takes deep breath] Eisenhower told Kennedy about ’54 [Ed note: That’s when Eisenhower met with ETs at Muroc AFB – now Edwards AFB – and this was a key meeting of the negative ETs that misled the US government, leading it down into the rabbit-hole trap that it now finds itself in, being unable, so far, to proceed forward with the ET/UFO Disclosure.], so Kennedy knew and he told Bobby, obviously.

One of the things that happened – and this has been documented through the great work that Dr. Steven Greer has done with the Disclosure Project – is that most of the extraterrestrial knowledge and technology and exchange of technology went black three weeks after Eisenhower knew about it. So he didn’t even know where it was, and this has been confirmed by one of his Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Langdon, I believe it is.

[Ed note: Sherman Adams was Eisenhower’s Chief of Staff; a search of the military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff proved fruitless for “Brigadier General Langdon.”]

So, he shared all this with John Kennedy and apparently where they felt the hub of the loss of where this technology had gone, and how far it went black, was something called the Special Operations Coordinating Group, which was part of the National Security Council.

What‘s interesting to note is that the first thing John Kennedy did when he took office was sign a presidential directive abolishing the Special Operations Coordinating Group.

Now, no one knows exactly who they are, but they’re not only connected to the intelligence, but also to all the black programs, to the secret space program and everything else. There is some conjecture that these people are the governors of the Federal Reserve, because they control the money, and it’s really all about the money. That’s conjecture though. I don’t know for a fact.

But, what’s interesting to note is that they had connections everywhere, to everything, because all the intelligence from above would come to them and then they would decide which information the President was supposed to get. Again, those layers of security clearances.

What’s interesting to note is: after the assassination, the very first thing Johnson did when he got back into the White House was recreate the Special Operations Coordinating Group, now known as Special Group in the National Security Council.

That’s my take on it.

AM4: That’s awesome. But, that time during The Sixties... of course, as you know, like four more -- are they all just, like, a series of random events, or all they all different... like, you know, King, and Bobby? Are they just all random occurrences of lone nuts like James Earl Ray and all those guys, and Sirhan Sirhan, or are they just a part of that whole thing?

AC: I think that there are programs that overlap all the actions that occur in each country. Yes, there are some lone nuts or individuals that do things, but there’s also, at the same time, an overwhelming amount of evidence that many people have been brainwashed and created to be hitters, to “go wet” and take out people. So, I don’t know.

But again, you know, let’s go back to Operation Paperclip. A lot of the brainwashing and mind control technology that the Germans had been given was brought over here and they just continued operating here under different names with new passports. So it’s very a big... and I don’t know all the components.

It’s a very big question, but on the surface, does it look like it was done on purpose? I mean, look at the individuals, who they were. They were making change. They were creating an awareness; they were the focal point of a very powerful movement for change, to make things happen for the betterment of everybody. Okay?

Again, that is the pyramidal power structure. You lop off the head – loss of knowledge; it flounders. Somebody can come in and take control and move it the other way, then it doesn’t exist. So... okay?

AUDIENCE MEMBER #5 (AM5): Hello, Sir. Thank you for being here.

AC: You’re welcome.

AM5: First I wanted to thank you for bringing up a subject that I feel is one of the most important things that we can talk about here at this conference. As far as I can tell, you are the first person to bring it up – it’s the monetary system, the economic system that we predominantly use in this world.

My question is if you and/or the Andromedans have any insight to offer as far as the transition that we’ll need in order to transcend an economic system that posits us in a position of feeling like we need to compete with each other in order to survive, making us feel separated from each other instead of being one.

AC: That’s a great question. And let me ask you this back: What are your thoughts on it first? [laughter]

AM5: Obviously, you can tell by how I worded my question...

AC: Mentoring is about self-empowerment, okay?

AM5: That’s right.

AC: What are your ideas on it first? You know, it’s great to ask somebody for their advice when you don’t have a clue what you want to do, but that can wrongly, or to your betterment, influence you. But it’s better for you to have some idea about where you stand and why you stand on a particular position or a reason to make a change than to have somebody tell you why. [applause] And that’s what they want. They want us to come half way.

AM5: I very much agree with that point, as a matter of fact, and I do have a lot of my own opinions regarding how we can do it. I just felt that it was an important subject to bring back up.

I feel that personally it goes back to something that you said regarding the creation of something that doesn’t already exist in the world and never has before. I feel that that’s what we need, in the form of human interaction.

AC: We can do this. I mean, as souls when we’re not here on Earth, we’ve been in other civilizations that don’t have a monetary system. We have this knowledge within us. We do know. We just don’t have access to it at the moment, but we do know, all of us.

AUDIENCE MEMBER #6 (AM6): Thank you very much for being here. I’m very inspired by your message.

AC: It’s an honor for me.

AM6: Thank you, and for us, too. My question to you is, you spoke earlier about the whole thing of the Domain of Knowing and, you know, the intention that we have together, and how at one point there was not this whole human rights. So, how can we come together as a group, collectively, in creating an intention for the world that we want to see?

How can we... You know, all of us are asking: What can we do? What can we all do to collectively share our intentions of the world that we want to see, the world that we want to create?

They have their intention, but perhaps we need to collectively have ours and align together about the world we envision. I’m wondering if you have any advice or counsel or mentorship about how we can unite in that way and gather our intentions to create the world we know to be true in our hearts, we know is possible for us to live in; that we remember.

AC: That’s the first step. Just talking with your friends, people of like mind. Just creating that vortex of knowledge, of harmonic, of frequency, and as you begin to talk more and more about it, your group grows.

I’ll give you an example, the best example that comes to mind is: in Colorado there were a group of women who were the wives of soldiers over in Iraq.

What they did was, they formed something called the Kitchen Militia – okay? – where they would all get together, not only share recipes and about rearing children, yadda, yadda, yadda, and sharing information and letters about their spouses overseas, but they would also start talking about different ideas.

Some incredible ideas came out of the Kitchen Militia. Several of them even started companies of ideas that came out and now they’re employing many of the people within the Kitchen Militia.

So, it’s very simple steps. And again, individually, this has to be at grassroots. All it takes is a focus, a turn of our focus away from the drama and the crap that they want us to focus on, on the news and CNN, etcetera, and start thinking about: What is it that I want?

What information do I want to know? What do I want to hear? What information do I want to hear on the news? What kind of neighborhood do I want to live in? What do I want to talk to my friends about? What’s really important to me?

And Ladies and Gentlemen, back in 1993, I was telling everybody to throw their televisions away. I really was. You know, I told you so, okay? [laughter]

I mean, we have one and we just watch movies and we choose which movies we want. I do have rabbit ears, so that I can watch the election to find out who’s going to screw us for the next four years [laughter] and that’s roughly it. And the Super Bowl, but now I can get that online, so now I don’t even have to plug in the rabbit ears.

So, you know... you guys know this stuff. You know this stuff. You just have to want it, you just have to want it. You've got to want it so bad that you’re willing to just do it and say: Enough is enough!

You do that with your kids. You do that with your neighbors. You do that with your bosses. Now you've got to do it about your life.

What is it that you really want? Get some clear, distinct ideas about what it is you really want. Because the system we have now is crumbling and it’s going to continue to crumble. All the illusion in the world is not going to keep it standing because it’s run its course. It’s done.

So, we have to create something else. We have to, because if we don’t, the Powers That Be will create it for us, and I guarantee you, you will not be free. You won’t be free. You won’t like it at all. [laughter] You won’t! It’s a given, an absolute given, because it’s all about them. It’s not about you. And as Spock once said: The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Next question?

AUDIENCE MEMBER #7 (DAVE): Alex, my name is Dave Farman. I represent ALIENSHIFT -- www.alienshift.com . The page we made for you is between 200 and 250 pages. It’s one of the most visited. ALIENSHIFT is about new hope for humanity and you are one of the... we could call you the new hope for humanity. I want to thank you for all the stuff you’ve done. Basically my question is... I’m sorry. You want to say something?

AC: It’s not about me. It’s not about me.

DAVE: It’s all about us, and the question I have is about us, the public. Every UFOlogist, the past 30 years I’ve been watching, they write books and videos and they go home. There is no unity; there is no group that can... How can we create such a 40-man international group that would have a leader like you, for instance, or whoever else would want to take the position, and we have our voice with the ET and with the people of the Earth?

[to the audience] You guys are all waiting for governments. Don’t do that! Don’t do that. We are the governments between humanity and the ET. Do not wait for any governments to help you guys. [Alex initiates applause]

AUDIENCE MEMBER #8 (AM8): Hi. Thanks for coming today. We all appreciate that. I guess a question I have is, I kind of have a profound question, or somewhat profound, I guess, which is to say that, on the one hand, I think that we all want to access knowledge and we want to know what’s going on, and that’s empowering.

On the other hand, it is also true that the more we know, to a certain extent the more of a target we become. I think that that is just because of the fact... especially the way that we’ve had a lot of laws that have been passed throughout the world to monitor what people are doing. I think we all have to be cognizant of that.

I’m asking, what do you think? How can we access...? We know that there’s powers that are off-planet. We know that the major self or the Higher Self is one of purity and strength. How do we access that in the face of the fact that we do put ourselves – I don’t know if it’s at risk – but that we put ourselves in somewhat of a precarious position and that we’re facing a very, very organized and very strong union across the planet.

And how do we get there? How do we empower ourselves? I guess that’s what I want to ask.

AC: Okay. Let’s deal with the first of these. I want you to do me a favor just for a moment. I want you to get down on your knees. Give him the mike. Just get down on your knees. Okay? I want you to get down on your knees. Yeah, just like that. Look at me. I want you to look at me. Can you look at me?

AM8: It’s not what I was expecting, but...

AC: Do you want to live the rest of your life like that?

AM8: No, not particularly. No.

AC: Okay, then stand up. [applause; whistles] Then stand up!

Dude, you’re [an] eternal soul. All they can do is take this [the body] away from you and you still live. Okay? It’s not who we are -- it’s what we are.

As far as forming an organization, it needs to be grassroots because everything else that becomes a foundation or a corporation, they take over. If it’s grassroots and everybody in this audience and every citizen around the world – if we start watching each others’ back, there isn’t jack that they can do to us. [applause; shouts; whistles] There just isn’t.

AM8: I hear you. I hear you. Okay. That was dramatic. Thanks.

AUDIENCE MEMBER #9 (AM9): I got up because I wanted to assert that we are the Ground Crew and that we are being mentored, and find out if you disagree with that, that this is the choir and that we are being mentored already whether we’ve been tapped on the shoulder by someone from another part of the Galaxy or not. That we should stop denying that we’re already being mentored and we already are getting the message of what it is that we need to do.

AC: Well, I think George said it best yesterday, Mr. Green: We are extraterrestrials. You know? [laughs] We’re just trying to reconnect to kin, basically. So yeah, you’re absolutely right. I don’t have any problem with that.

My purpose for reiterating it is knowing that these things go wherever they go and that there are so many people now coming into this, discovering it for the first time or at least asking questions, and it’s important to bring them on board as quickly as possible. To just have them, to plant the seed.

Hey, on some level you are already being mentored, spiritually, and we just need to bring the physicality and connect that to the spiritual lessons of ourselves.

AM9: Thank you. Great.

AC: That was my purpose.

AUDIENCE MEMBER#10 (AM10): I was just wondering about the nature of the incoming object.

AC: What was the question?

AM10: Sorry, I’m a little nervous here.

AC: Nobody will bite you. [laughter]

AM10: Yeah. You mentioned an incoming object, 22 degrees to Uranus or something.

AC: Eighteen degrees right ascension of Neptune’s orbit. All I know is that it’s a planetary structure and it’s friendly. I don’t know anything more about it at the moment, but I know it’s friendly. Okay? It’s not Nibiru.

AUDIENCE MEMBER #11 (AM11): I have a question but as I was standing there I had a realization. You were talking about the holographic kind of system that they’ve put in place and that you said that we need to implement that holographic system. When you said we need to become grassroots, everything has to become grassroots, I got it on an extreme level that, by continuing to share passionately with absolutely everyone, that we are creating the holographic system that they can’t destroy.

AC: That’s right. It’s impossible.

AM11: I really got it. Thank you.

AC: You’re very welcome.

AM11: My question is, you were mentioning that the Andromeda have the DNA to be able to remember past lives and that our DNA is damaged so we cannot. Do you know of ways in which we can heal our DNA? And would accessing the blueprint of perfect health and healing in our Higher Self be part of that?

AC: It’s a great question. I don’t have the answer to that.

AM11: Thank you.

AC: ...and I had to put my glasses on to see who I was talking to. [laughs]

AUDIENCE MEMBER #12 (AM12): Okay, my take on the grassroots thing, and tell me if I’m right, is that even if we’re not out talking, if you’re doing your spiritual work and in your mind you have a desire for a world that’s peaceful and pure and good without the hatefulness and the fear, and you’re creating that, that that’s the grassroots thing; that it doesn’t have to be an organization.

AC: That’s exactly right.

AM12: Thank you.

AC: You got it. [applause]

Now, I wanted to bring up something. I’ve been blessed to have an opportunity to spend some time in Europe, and I was in Switzerland. We had just come out of a pub and there were some young men being arrested for some reason – and I will never forget this.

As we’re standing there watching this happen, one of the young men said to the Swiss police: You didn’t read me my rights.

And the cop stopped and goes: What rights?

He goes: I got rights. You got to read me the Miranda Act. And this was a Swiss student. Okay?

And he goes: This is Switzerland. You don’t have any rights here.

Okay? But this young man believed so much in that that he was willing to challenge the police officer about it – okay? – and it was a big surprise for him.

So, you see, the influence that the United States has had on the world is so [much] more profound than any of us realize and the disappointment is probably equal to that at this point – okay? -- because here the propaganda has been communism, fascism. We have sent young men to war, lost their lives to fight communism and fascism, and in 60 years, we become fascist? What’s wrong with this picture?

[to audience] Sir? Two more questions and then I’m done.

AUDIENCE MEMBER #13 (AM13): I wanted to preface this question with just saying again, as I spoke with you in private; it’s an honor and a privilege to have you here with us, and thank you for speaking of what you know. I also wanted to say that I don’t want this question to sound in any way hostile to anyone, because it does come from the bottom of my heart [getting emotional] and it’s something that has been bothering me for a long time.

If we are to move forward and connect all the pieces of the puzzle, and move forward into the holographic social structure that you’re talking about, where the children know more than the adults and where all information is given to the young, then why is it that we still – even in Disclosure movements and with courageous witness testimony coming forward, people speaking – that there are still certain topics that people are afraid to or will resist talking about, such as the stargates that was mentioned earlier this morning, and other things?

AC: So, is your question, exactly, why there are still some topics people don’t want to discuss?

AM13: Right. In people who are courageously stepping forward and risking their lives to speak out about what they know, why is it that they do not speak about everything that they do know and there are still topics that they do not wish to speak about?

AC: Well, that’s a great question and I am also guilty of that. It’s a comfort zone. It’s a comfort level and everything has its own timing.

What would happen to humanity if the government were to come clean about everything that they know about everything that they know? Could humanity totally deal with it? Probably a portion of humanity could deal with it.

The other portion, or portions, or groups, could not maybe deal with it at least in the very beginning, because they have constructed a reality around themselves that is based on perception that is an illusion. To shatter that all in one fell swoop can be a disservice to them.

The idea is to take people and give them the tools that they need so that they voluntarily begin the process of self-responsibility and voluntary introspection. The information is there and it’s been out there for 50, 60 years.

We’ll take the UFO community as a whole, Exopolitics. More and more people are coming into this. Who is the biggest group now? It’s the young people, which is promising. They are in fact influencing their parents by having discussions at home: What do you think about this, what do you think about that? So it doesn’t matter how it happens as long as it happens.

Now, I mentioned Dulce in our conversation earlier. There will be people, I’m sure, who will contact these two [Ed. note: referring to speakers Duncan O’Finioan and David Corso whose presentations preceded this one.] to really want to talk about that, and they’re going to have to be very careful about how they present the information, because the things that happened there are horrific – absolutely horrific – and they had to be dealt with and they were dealt with.

However, that element that was behind those atrocities still exists here. Okay? And even I don’t want to talk about that because it involved women and children. And that’s as far as I’ll go.

But now that I’ve mentioned it, I’ve created a Domain of Knowing, okay? I’ve just created a Domain of Knowing. Now each of you will start going out, thinking about that, doing some research to pull that information to you because now you want to know.

AM13: Thank you very much.

AC: You’re welcome. Last two questions.

AUDIENCE MEMBER #14 (AM14): My question was actually about children and the disappearance of children, if you’re willing to talk about it.

AC: [sighs] I’ve said so much about that already. I know that I have been blasted about that. Ladies and Gentlemen, I absolutely know what I know about the missing children and I’m not going to apologize for it. I stand by what I said all those years ago and I stand by it today.

KC: Okay. Could you summarize? Because we’re aware of this as well, so if you could just... in maybe one sentence?

AC: [sighs] ... [long pause, whispers “shit!”] ... We have become a natural resource, very much how we use cows and other animals. We ourselves have become a natural resource. The younger ones are the most desirable because they’re not tainted with chemical poisons in their bodies; because they’re young. That’s all I’m going to say.

KC: Laura Knight-Jadczyk has gone into this in depth and Rich Dolan has also written a review of her book that’s very positive and Rich has... and Alfred Webre published an article about the subject. So, if you want to investigate it further...

Because, actually, I just want to augment what Alex is saying here in the sense that the point is not to give you everything out on a platter – okay? – for you to understand what’s going on. The point is to give you direction.

What Alex is doing here is mentoring you; he’s giving you indications. And that’s what our whistleblowers do, by the way. They don’t tell you everything. They don’t even tell us everything. But they give us the clues that we need to do the research necessary to find out the truth. And when you hit the truth, it gets you. You can tell. You know it.

You want to be in denial, go right ahead. It’s out there. The truth is out there. It is unbelievably out there! [applause]

AUDIENCE MEMBER #15 (AM15): Hi, Alex. I’m the last question, obviously. My name is Andreas. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I love you, man! [laughter; applause]

My actual question is actually directed to the audience and to you. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind conducting a little mini-meditation for all of us, to direct our intention to change the future that we want to have. I was wondering if you would like to do that. Thank you. [applause]

AC: Ooo... I’m on the spot! [laughs] Well, this’ll be a first.

I have an affinity for very simple common-sense spirituality which has always lead me to the Native Americans. So what I will do is, I will close this with a Native American prayer, and that just happens to be the same prayer that’s on the front page here that I have with me.

It’s usually always the prayer that I go to. I change the words and make them my own after all these years, but for the purposes of this, it says exactly what I would want to say.
Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds and whose breath gives life to all in the world, hear me!

I am small and I am weak and I need your strength and your wisdom.

Let me walk in beauty and let my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunsets that you have created with me.

Make my hands respect the things that you have made and my ears sharp to hear your words and your voice.

Let me learn the lessons that you have hidden under every rock and leaf.

I seek strength, not to be greater than my brother, but to fight my greatest enemy – myself.

Make me always ready to come to you with clean hands and straight eyes, so that when my life fades as the fading sunset, my spirit can come to you without shame.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s been an absolute honor for me. Thank you so much.

[long applause; standing ovation]

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