"And to this day, [those] who...know the self as I am Brahman [IS-ness], become all this universe. Even the gods [any other dimensional beings] cannot prevent his becoming this, for he has become their Self. ...if a man worships another deity thinking: He is one and I am another, he does not know. He [who does not know] is like a sacrificial animal to the gods. As many animals serve a man, so does each man serve the gods. Even if one animal is taken away, it causes anguish to the owner; how much more so when many are taken away! Therefore it is not pleasing to the gods that men should know this [that they are IS-ness]." Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, I.iv.10



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Monday, February 22, 2010

Maestro Jose Vargas' Alien Encounters

Master Shaman Jose Vargas describes his telepathic communications with alien beings in another dimension where time moves more slowly.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


UFOs and ETs on Planet Earth? Speculation Based on Reliable Information Gives Hope, Inspiration

Introduction: What's Really Going on Here?
As a former language interpreter for presidents and other top government officials, I was present at a number of secret meetings where the only people allowed were the top officials and their interpreters. For most of my 18 years working with the U.S. Department of State, I did not see or hear anything which would support the belief of some of my conspiracy friends that global politics is largely controlled by a small group of evil men behind the scenes who wield inordinate amounts of wealth and power. I laughed at the level of paranoia I perceived in these friends, as I had been in top secret meetings and never seen anything to support their fearful beliefs.
Then in 2001, a wonderful friend sent me a life-changing video. The powerful, reliable information in this astonishing video shook me to the core, as it revealed a major cover-up of UFOs. Generals, astronauts, and other highly respected individuals sharing their personal experiences in this video could not all be lying. This caused me to have to completely reformulate my beliefs about how the world works. It started me on a quest to discover what was really going on behind the scenes.
I dove into serious research and came up with an astounding amount of reliable, verifiable information on a number of major cover-ups which I previously would have dismissed as completely crazy. I then compiled the best of this information on the website WantToKnow.info. This website eventually became quite popular and put me in touch with a number of wonderful, brave researchers who shared reliable information they had gathered on various aspects of these cover-ups.
WantToKnow.info is designed for those who are not already aware of the major cover-ups, so the information provided is limited to that which is highly reliable and generally easy to verify. Because of this, I did not post my own speculation on the website about what is really going on behind all of the cover-ups. Yet based on information I received independently from sources I personally trust, I developed my own theories about the big picture, which I provide here for you.
The information given here is speculative in nature, yet I include many key links for verification. I fully acknowledge that major parts of what I've written could be mistaken. Yet I first came to these basic conclusions in 2002, and most new information I've received since has only strengthened my belief in all of this. Remember as you read that the mass media clearly plays a major role in fabricating the current consensus reality and keeping some of the biggest cover-ups out of the public eye.
I present this material not to convince anyone of its truth. I offer it simply to present the conjectures of someone who has devoted many long hours to exploring these issues with a discerning eye, and with a faith that I am being led by forces greater than myself who are aligned with what's best for all of us. Some of this information is far outside of consensus reality, yet there is lots of reliable evidence to support what I've written. As you will read below, despite all of the major manipulations, I am incredibly optimistic about our future. Thanks for your interest and may you be guided to whatever is best for you and for all of us as you explore this intriguing material.

The Galactic Federation
First, the television program Star Trek is much closer to the truth than anyone might imagine. I’m convinced that there is some form of galactic federation of advanced beings from various planets and star systems throughout the galaxy. The vast majority of these beings are far advanced from us both technologically and spiritually. A million years is a very short time in the evolution of a planet. Some of these extraterrestrial species are many millions of years more evolved than us. They generally travel between planets not by mechanical propulsion, but by shifting dimensions.
The federation’s members all agree to a prime directive similar to that of Star Trek – not to disturb the natural evolutionary process of less evolved planets unless help is specifically requested, or unless it is necessary to avoid major disaster. Developing planets are invited to join the galactic federation only after they have evolved to a place where they have expanded beyond the confines of their own world both technologically and spiritually – meaning no more wars at the very least. Many researchers of these matters, including myself, are hopeful that humanity will soon move rapidly in that direction, so that Earth will eventually be considered for membership.
A Brief Speculative History: The Evolution of Humanity
Key researchers of UFO matters speculate that there are a few relatively young ET (extraterrestrial) species which have developed the technology of interstellar travel, yet spiritually are lagging. They are not part of the galactic federation, nor do they feel obligated to abide by its guidelines. Like the Klingons of Star Trek, these species at times ignore the prime directive and manipulate the natural evolution of developing planets for their own benefit.
This may be what happened here on Earth. An abundance of revealing evidence suggests that ETs have been visiting Earth from long prior to the dawn of modern man. In fact, some researchers even suspect that one or more human-like, less spiritually evolved ET races may have been involved in the evolution of humans on this planet.
These researchers speculate that at key points in ancient human history, members of these ET races chose select human women for procreation to inject more intelligent, capable genes into humankind, thus upgrading human capabilities. This may have been done for scientific purposes – such as to upgrade the pool of genetic possibilities available to the ETs – or to correct perceived deficiencies in their genetic code, or simply to forward evolutionary agendas.
According to this theory, at certain times in ancient human history, these “sons of gods” (in the eyes of early humans) came down to procreate with “the daughters of men,” as is mentioned in Genesis 6 in the Bible and other ancient writings. Stories in the texts of various religions make a lot of sense if you consider that what was being described might have been some kind of extraterrestrial contact, for instance, Moses and the burning bush, Muhammad’s trip into the heavens described in the Koran, “virgin” births, chariots of fire in the Bible and other ancient sources, and more.
Nuclear Dangers Draw ET Interest
As humanity progressed through the industrial revolution and then developed nuclear capabilities in WWII, many ET species began to pay more attention to developments in our world. This would account for the large increase in UFO sightings during and after WWII. A few more advanced species became concerned that we could seriously damage our planet. Many UFO sightings occur around facilities with nuclear and military capabilities. The famous 1947 Roswell incident, where two UFOs may have crashed and been recovered in the New Mexico desert, took place right near where the 509th bomb group was located – the only nuclear-capable jet fleet in the world at that time!
Some of the more advanced species may be sending clear warnings to those in power not to play with nuclear bombs. Three military witnesses in the landmark book Disclosure describe riveting personal experiences with UFOs where nuclear warheads were either disarmed or destroyed. In one case, at least 16 nuclear warheads were disarmed after UFOs were sighted over two U.S. military bases firing pencil-thin red beams into the warheads.
One of the reasons I’m so optimistic about our future is that even though some of the less advanced ET species may be causing problems here, other species far advanced of them will not allow us or any other species to badly damage the planet or the human race. In accordance with the prime directive, they will implement the minimum intervention necessary to keep things in balance. The vast majority of people on the planet may not even know that there was intervention. A significant number of caring individuals, including myself, are already sending requests to the more advanced ETs not to allow things to get out of hand, and to help us in whatever way is best.
The Control Group
After the recovery of two downed UFOs at Roswell in 1947, it is speculated that Majestic 12 was formed. A secret task force comprised of top military and government officials, this group advised the president on the UFO situation and was charged with doing everything necessary to keep information on the subject top secret – for reasons of “national security.” Actions taken by this group may have led to secret contact with the ETs, and a meeting between Eisenhower and some ETs.
At this meeting, agreements were made whereby one species of ETs was given permission to conduct genetic studies on the planet (cattle mutilations, abductions) in exchange for helping the U.S. to develop and advance its technology. This apparently was one of the lesser-evolved species. Lasers, the integrated circuit, and fiber optics were just a few of the technologies “seeded” by these ETs secretly through military channels to select research groups in large corporations (see the book The Day After Roswell by Colonel Philip J. Corso, who was in charge of seeding this technology).
During Eisenhower’s presidency, a major power struggle erupted over UFO technology. Eisenhower lost control of the subject, which is likely one reason why in his farewell speech on leaving the presidency, he gives the following stern warning, “We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.”
Through the ever-increasing secrecy around this issue, everything related to UFOs became hidden even to later presidents. A culture of intense secrecy was formed, whereby all involved in these unacknowledged or “black projects” on UFOs and related material were strictly prohibited from discussing any information, except on a “need to know” basis.
A Culture of Strict Control and Secrecy
Something to remember in dealing with secrecy and major cover-ups is that governments are massive bureaucracies and thus very inefficient in general and incapable of carrying out detailed secret plans. However, the military and intelligence branches of government are rigid hierarchies in which everyone knows their position. Superiors who give commands are very rarely questioned. Just the words "Yes, sir" bring up images of a "good soldier" in the military.
The massive Manhattan Project (development of the first atomic bomb) is one example of a huge military project that was successfully kept secret for years. The building of an entire city to support the project in Oak Ridge, Tennessee at the time was successfully kept secret even from the state's governor. It is only through the use of the highly organized military and intelligence services that the world's power elite, working together with key allies in government and the media, are able to carry out major cover-ups and secret operations like those involved with UFOs and ETs.
A person must have special clearance to even get close to the group involved with UFOs and advanced technologies. Once a person reaches a certain level within this secret community and has been screened and cleared, if they agree to go deeper and thus be exposed to sensitive parts of the cover-up, they must agree to give up quite a bit of their freedom. Microchips are implanted in their bone to track their whereabouts. They are frequently monitored and strictly forbidden from sharing any secret information with anyone, under threat of severe penalties, including death if necessary.
Everything that those with this special clearance publish or write – even their emails – is screened for content. They have become a part of what is almost like a secret brotherhood or secret society. And there is no turning back once you’re in. You do what you are told by your superiors – no questions asked. Only a very few of these people have ever managed to escape and get information out. The large majority of them likely enjoy the power of their positions, and thus are willing to put up with the restrictions on their liberty in exchange for money, power, and knowledge.
Even among this secret group, which likely involves many thousands of people, very few have any idea of the full scope and scale of all that is going on. Some don’t even know that their work is based in UFO technologies. Complex layers of secrecy (compartmentalization) and the passing of sensitive information on a “need to know” basis ensure that only a few at the top of the command structure know the big picture. Highly sophisticated disinformation programs also lead even insiders into false beliefs about the cover-up. It is unlikely than any one person knows all of what is going on, as like in any large society, there is infighting for control and power all the way to the very top.
Dr. Steven M. Greer, an MD and former head of a hospital ER, is the head of the Disclosure Project, which has riveting testimony from over 400 government and military witnesses on the UFO cover-up. Dr. Greer has met a few of the top echelon within the secret group. He estimates that as many as 40% of the top leaders in this secret structure now feel that everything has gone too far, and that it’s time for a large-scale disclosure. Major shifts and changes are happening in this structure as people all over are gradually awakening to the fact that we are all interconnected at the deepest levels.
Disempowering ETs
Like humans, ETs have their strengths and weaknesses. It appears that while many, if not most ETs are either benevolent or neutral, others are more interested in control and dominance. Some of these work with key individuals both inside and outside of the secret group which manages the cover-up. They particularly interact with a select group of powerful men we might call “the controllers.” These are the ones at the top of the pyramid in the “brotherhood” mentioned above. These controllers now have unprecedented control over the press, corporations, drug trade, stock market, oil and energy production, and lots more. They facilitated the 9/11 attacks in order to promote fear and war.
Empowering ETs and Humans
Other ETs, along with groups of humans and many individuals like myself, are focused on uncovering the intentions of the controllers at the same time as we lay the foundations for planetary transformation. We are working to help humanity wake up to all that is going on around them and to the infinite potential within them, so that humankind might eventually join the galactic community.
We are focused, each in our own way, on spreading love and empowerment with no desire to work against anyone. We know that the controllers don’t fully understand what they are doing, as their personalities and beliefs have been twisted by their own upbringing and many other factors. We are actively working to stop the destructive behavior of these controllers, yet even as we do this, we recognize that all beings are in their essence divine and fully worthy of love and empowerment. Both advanced ETs and humans working with them have no doubt that in the end, love always prevails.
Other Beings
Aside from these ETs, there are a large variety of beings or spirits who do not have physical bodies. The vast majority of these beings are far advanced of us spiritually, though like the ETs, among them are some less evolved spirits who don’t yet understand the transformative power of love. By asking for guidance from the spirits (call them angels if you like) who spread love and empowerment, we can deeply enrich our personal lives and help to shift the planet into a new paradigm.
We tend to attract to us whatever we hold deepest and strongest inside ourselves. Let us work to become more aware of both our conscious and unconscious beliefs as we develop clear intentions and seek guidance in this. There are many sources of guidance and inspiration if we only choose to open to them. By first committing ourselves to a path of love, healing, and empowerment, and then doing our best to fully live that path, and by inviting guidance from empowering ETs and other beings and forces more aware than ourselves, we can and will transform our lives and world.
Global Control
The controllers are working hard to consolidate the global economy under the multinational corporations which they own and control. They know that cheap new energy sources would allow people to become independent of the power grid that they now control. It would also destroy the oil economy which in so many ways dominates the world and keeps those in power rich. So they will take whatever measures necessary, including killing people, to keep new energy sources from becoming available. They often use “national security” as the excuse to forward their plans. Patents for new energy devices and inventions are known to have been seized for national security reasons.
These controllers now have incredible influence over the mass media, and thus public perception. Just 10 years ago, 50 corporations jointly controlled most of the mass media. Today it is dominated by less than ten enormous transnational conglomerates. The controllers also have their hands in the international drug trade (largely through the CIA), and can have great influence on the stock market through the huge amounts of cash they control as a result of the cash-only drug trade.
One of the reasons these people wanted 9/11 was that the Taliban began to eradicate opium production in Afghanistan in mid 2000, thus decimating the cash income through drugs of the controllers. In 2000, Afghanistan provided over 70% of the world's heroin. By 2001, it had dropped to almost nothing. Yet by the end of 2002, under an American installed puppet (a former Unocal contractor), the opium trade had surpassed the levels of 2000! If you don’t believe it, follow the links. 9/11 provided a convenient pretext to invade Afghanistan and revive the profitable opium industry.
Control Methods
The controllers realize that there are several powerful methods to control people: (1) create as much fear as possible while encouraging people to feel like victims, (2) convince citizens of the need for ever more secrecy, (3) keep the public polarized and (4) distract people from their deeper purpose in life through promoting consumerism, empty sex, drugs, the money chase, and more. 9/11 and the war on terrorism are part of an extended plan to promote these methods so that the controllers can eventually gain unbridled control of the politics and economics of the whole planet.
Transcending Control
Ultimately, it is the collective fear, secrecy, polarization, and loss of purpose within all of us that has allowed leaders to take power who would subvert democracy, and who would take away our freedoms and liberties. By each one of us making a commitment to work on these issues both inside of ourselves and out in the world – and to inspire others to do the same – we can and will change our collective direction and build a solid foundation for a brighter future.
The simple way to counteract the methods of the controllers is to do our best to (1) transform fear into love, (2) promote transparency, (3) recognize and overcome polarization, and (4) continually develop and refine our deepest intentions for life and then live these intentions. We can also empower ourselves by noticing when we feel like victims, and choosing instead to take responsibility for how we interpret our lives. Coming together to do this in groups provides support and magnifies all these efforts. The more people who join in these efforts, the less control the elite group has over our world. And it’s already happening! We are rapidly developing a new paradigm on this planet!!!
When we learn about things that appear to be “bad” or “wrong,” it’s easy to place the responsibility outside of ourselves. It’s very easy to blame others, like the controllers, for everything that’s wrong with our world. Yet ultimately, we all are co-creators here. We all play a role in everything that goes on. When we commit to look inside of ourselves for the reason things aren’t working the way we would like, we can make a big difference.
By working to transform fear and hatred inside of ourselves, we can play a significant role in creating more love and empowerment not only in our own lives, but also in the world around us. I am totally committed to do my very best to love, heal, and empower myself and all beings on this planet and beyond. I invite you to join me in this in whatever way feels right to you.
The Internet – A Powerful Source of Information
So I suspect there has been ET intervention throughout the history of humankind, with greatly increased contact over the last 50 years. For decades, there have been huge cover-ups around energy, wars, drugs, and news coverage of these. All this information has been strictly suppressed through a variety of means and for a variety of reasons. With the advent of the Internet, however, the flow of information on all the cover-ups has become much more difficult to control.
The controllers are very aware of the power of the Internet. They have a very well developed disinformation campaign working through a great variety of websites and other sources to lead researchers astray. That is why WantToKnow.info has been very careful to focus on information that can be verified and that comes from trustworthy sources. If people are careful to verify and substantiate what they find on the Internet, they can now research and discover for themselves what is really going on in the world. This is another reason I’m very optimistic about the future.
Does Anybody Want to Know?
From all this, it is clear that my entire view of the world shifted radically beginning in 2001. Before that, I was deeply convinced that there were no really huge cover-ups. Once I learned what was going on, however, I was eager to share this information with my friends. Yet to my great surprise, most of my friends didn’t want to hear about it. As almost everything I had learned was based on solid, verifiable evidence, I had assumed that others would be both concerned and fascinated. I was very wrong. I found that few even of my close friends really wanted to know anything that would disturb their comfortable view of reality.
I’ve now become very clear that most people are not willing to let their established concepts of the world go so easily. It can feel threatening to most people to learn that they have been massively deceived. I’ve learned that I’m more flexible than most in changing even deeply held beliefs when presented with evidence which clearly shows these beliefs to be mistaken. I now encourage people to explore how to develop a more open mind and more fluid intelligence if they want to play a significant role in the transformation of our planet.
I have also found that very few people are deeply committed to what’s best for all of us. Few are really interested even in consciously moving in that direction. On meeting new friends, I now generally expect most people not to be interested in all this, though I almost always put out feelers, just in case. I have no desire to push anyone into believing anything. Yet I do love talking about both the cover-ups and the transformation movements sweeping our planet with the few who are really open, and especially with the even fewer who already knew about some of this before I did.
New Friends
Thankfully, the deeper I open to all of this, the more I meet people from around the world who do share my commitment and my desire to know what's really happening, no matter how ugly it may be. It’s great to now be in contact with courageous, pioneering people not only from across the U.S., but also from Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and many other countries. Yet no matter how little or how much friends support me, I’m just excited to have gained all of this knowledge. I truly want to know what’s happening in the world, so that I can be more effective in promoting transformation.
I’m aware now that some of the controllers would like to steer us into World War III. And I’m really OK with that. Even if in a worst-case scenario we end up completely destroying the planet, I know that this would simply mean that all of our souls would migrate somewhere else to try again to learn that love is the way back into wholeness. Now I highly doubt that we will destroy the Earth. I’m actually incredibly optimistic, yet I’m also prepared for anything. Based on my belief in the divine interconnectedness of all beings, I fully trust that what’s best for all is what happens always.
No Fear. It’s Why I’m Here!
It’s remarkable how I’ve hardly felt scared by even the most twisted activities I’ve learned about. The reason is that for the first time in my life, it’s very clear to me why I ended up living on this planet now. I'm here because this is a unique time when many souls on the planet are awakening from their slumber and being presented with a choice. We have the choice, upon being exposed to all this, to go back to sleep and be led into disempowering realms, or to wake up and join in creating a beautiful new paradigm based in love and cooperation. I am very clear that I am here with many others to invite all people on this planet to choose a new paradigm now and to help create it together.
I am totally jazzed and passionate about playing my role in transforming this planet into a place of love, healing, and empowerment for all! Yea!!! In the years since learning about all the cover-ups, I have become incredibly clear that I was called here not just to invite people to awaken, but also to help spread love and empowerment to all who are open to it. What a joyful mission to have, no matter what might happen in the future!
I am very excited about inviting all I meet to work towards transforming fear into love, towards moving from victim consciousness to becoming powerful creators in our lives, towards developing and refining our purpose and intentions in life, and towards truly seeing all beings as divine. What an exciting mission to have! And I get to work with many wonderful, courageous souls who are passionate about this work, too! How awesome is that!!!
Shifting Focus to the New Paradigm
Having researched major cover-ups almost full time for several years now, I feel I have the big picture pretty well down. I see the plan of the controllers, yet I also surrender to the greater divine plan of All That Is. The knowledge I've gained has helped me to awaken to who I am and what I’m doing here. I’m now ready and very excited to spend much less time on researching the cover-ups, and focus my energies much more on creating a new paradigm of love, healing, and empowerment for all. I'm thrilled about all the transformation happening in my own life and in the world around me!
If you feel that you are called to be a part of this planetary change, we have developed an empowering website specifically for you, which you can find by clicking here. As we join together in building bridges to a new paradigm for our world, we are paving the way for our planet to join the galactic federation, and for humanity to join the galactic family which patiently and lovingly awaits us. It's an exciting time to be alive and a privilege to be committed fully in service to all of us. Thank you to all of you for wanting to know and for working together to build a brighter future for us all!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bob Dean's presentation, European Exopolitics Summit, Barcelona, 25 July 2009

In this historical presentation, Bob Dean is at his very finest - and shows a number of previously suppressed NASA images which have impressed us at Project Camelot.

Bob concluded his delivery by stating that there are bases on Mars... and then Henry Deacon (supported by Kerry Cassidy) went up to the stage to state publicly, for the first time, that he had been on Mars. Enjoy...

What are the implications of the secret U.S. Pine Gap underground base for ET/UFO disclosure?

1.  Whistleblower evidence – There is credible whistleblower (former Command Sgt. Major Bob Dean; former DOD scientist Arthur Neumann) evidence that Pine Gap is a major underground human-extraterrestrial liaison base, operated by both U.S. military-intelligence personnel, as well as extraterrestrial personnel.
2.  ANZUS and Pine Gap treaty and ET disclosure – The ANZUS and Pine Gap treaties make both the U.S. and Australia parties to the secret underground base at Pine Gap, thus presenting a major strategic and practical barrier to the U.S. government (or the Australian governmment if it is aware of the ET presence) from disclosing the extraterrestrial presence at the underground Pine Gap base.  Any disclosure of the extraterrestrial presenceon Earth by either of these governments would require a full disclosure of the Pine Gap underground extraterrestrial base and its worldwide operations, including its HAARP-related environmental weapons of mass destruction operations.
Public efforts for extraterrestrial and UFO disclosure by the U.S. government must focus on the secret underground base at Pine Gap as a priority.
3.  HAARP and the ethics of any extraterrestrials at Pine Gap – Although the Pine Gap report maintains that HAARP was developed primarily as an anti-extraterrestrial weapon, the scientific fact is that in recent years the major application of HAARP has been as a space-based environmental weapon of mass destruction against the human population.  As set out in a series of science-based reports and radio programs at peaceinspace.org, HAARP has been used as a weapon of mass destruction against the human population in the following applications.
A. HAARP-induced acts of Environmental/Scalar Warfare
Haiti earthquake (January 12, 2010) – U.S. HAARP seismic weapon triggered Haiti earthquake.  (Read summary and listen to radio interview).
B. HAARP-induced acts of Environmental/Scalar Warfare
U.S. HAARP environmental weapon triggered the following catastrophes (Read summaries and listen to radio interviews - Part 1 and Part 2)
    * Kobe, Japan Earthquake of 1995
    * Sumatra Earthquake & Tsunami of Dec. 26, 2006
    * 2 NASA Shuttle Disasters
    * Katrina Hurricane of 2005
    * Black Sea Event of 2007
    * Niigata Earthquake (Japan) 2007
    * Myanmar Cyclone - May 3, 2008
    * China Earthquake - May 12, 2008
C. HAARP & its role in the False Flag Operation of September 11, 2001, which launched a worldwide war of aggression and domestic police state worldwide. (Click here to read summary and listen to radio program.)
The independent scientific evidence is now overwhelming that HAARP is being used systematically against the human population as a space-based weapon of mass destruction.  More people were killed in the HAARP-induced seismic attack in the Haiti earthquake (230,000) than died at the U.S. nuclear bombing of Hiroshima (118,661).
4. HAARP & Extraterrestrials - The Pine Gap base is a major HAARP operational center.  If the extraterrestrial contingent at the secret underground U.S. base is in any way involved in the command and control of these HAARP environmental weapon of mass destruction attacks upon the human population, then these extraterrestrials can be classified as unethical and manipulative (and hostile) to the human population.  Even if the extraterrestrial contingent at the underground base at Pine Gap is not involved in the command and control of the HAARP attacks on the human population, it seems logical that this ET contingent would have full information about these attacks.  In any event, as this ET contingent has done nothing to restrain the unethical human government at Pine Gap - the government of the U.S. - from engaging in these HAARP attacks, one can still reasonably surmise that the Pine Gap ETs are unethical and hostile to the human population, unless proven otherwise.
5.  Pine Gap and the governance of Earth -  The 1996 Pine Gap reports indicates that Australia has been prepared as a “refuge” for a supra-national power elite in concert with these extraterrestrial civilizations, in the event of “catastrophic events” on Earth.  Yet, by the evidence it would appear that the U.S. government, which is nominally in charge of Pine Gap and its HAARP facilities – together with their cooperating ETs – are in fact acting against the long-range interest of the human population, and may intentionally be causing a campaign of geological and weather catastrophes through the use of environmental weapons like HAARP.  The U.S. government and two extraterrestrial civilizations involved in Pine Gap that have been presented as “defending Earth” in fact, through the use of HAARP in seismic attacks and other false flag operations, are acting to systematically harm and depopulate the human population.
By the evidence of HAARP environmental weapons of mass destruction attacks, the U.S. government now in charge of operating Pine Gap (possibly with those extraterrestrials operating out of Pine Gap) is not acting in the interest of humanity.  These parties are in fact committing war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide under the Fourth Geneva Convention and Articles 6 and 7 of the Rome Statute of the International Court through their use of environmental weapons of mass destruction such as HAARP.
6.  Pine Gap & Our human community – Our human community, as protected under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, must now legally demand that the government of the U.S., as well as any extraterrestrial civilizations operating Pine Gap and HAARP, dismantle these underground war-making facilities and space-based weapons of mass-destruction they have directed at the human population, and cease their genocidal course of action.
 For more info: 

ANZUS treaty: New Zealand discloses UFOs as U.S. hides possible ET/UFO base at Pine Gap, Australia

Even as Lt Gen Jerry Mataparae, Chief of Defence Force of New Zealand announced on Jan. 23, 2010 that New Zealand’s secret UFO files were being vetted for public release, its technical partner in the ANZUS treaty - the U.S. - remains entrenched in high secrecy and non-disclosure about an extraterrestrial/UFO facility at their underground base at Pine Gap, Australia.
The ANZUS treaty (“Security Treaty between Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America”), signed Sept. 1, 1951, appears to be key in understanding why the the U.S. government continues a mutual policy of refusing to disclose the extraterrestrial and UFO presence at Pine Gap, Australia, although New Zealand has recently announced it will release its secret UFO files.
The ANZUS treaty was previously a full three-way defence pact among Australia, U.S. and New Zealand, governing mutual security and military intelligence matters.  However, the ANZUS treaty no longer applies between as the U.S. and New Zealand.  One source states: “following a dispute between New Zealand and the United States in 1984 over visiting rights for nuclear-armed or nuclear-powered ships of the U.S. Navy in New Zealand ports, the treaty no longer applies between the United States and New Zealand, but is still in force between either country and Australia, separately.”
In interactive UFO disclosure in response to advocacy from a citizen UFO group (UFOCUSNZ), the government of New Zealand, the third party to the ANZUS treaty, announced recently it has begun vetting its secret UFO files for public release.  Yet the U.S. government continues to maintain a policy of tight secrecy over its secret UFO and extraterrestrial-related programs and files, despite public releases of UFO and extraterrestrial-related files by NATO (U.K., France, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Norway), OAS (Mexico, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador), and ASEAN  Phillipines) allies, as well as Russia and Switzerland. 
Since 1948, military-intelligence agencies of the U.S. government have sporadically released UFO files to private parties, with 50,000 UFO files pending release from NORAD and 13,000 pages of UFO files pending from U.S. Air Force-related organizations.
Military-intelligence cooperation agreements under the ANZUS treaty, such as the Pine Gap treaty signed Dec. 9, 1999 between Australia and the U.S., appear to be a legal shield keeping the U.S. government from disclosing the existence of a vast, underground working base that the U.S. maintains at Pine Gap, Australia, which may include extraterrestrial liaison programs.  According to whistleblowers, these human-extraterrestrial programs may use the Pine Gap base as an extraterrestrial rest and recreation area, as well as a possible staging area for off-planet operations both by extraterrestrial and human black budget fleet space vehicles.
According to former Command Sgt. Major Robert Dean, teleportation links between secret teleports on the U.S. mainland and the underground extraterrestrial-U.S. base at Pine Gap exist for the rapid deployment of personnel (both human and extraterrestrial) between U.S. mainland and Pine Gap, Australia.


What are the implications for 2010 ET disclosure of Giant Solar UFOs?

Breaking News: HUGE UFO"S AROUND OUR SUN, Jan 25, 2010 - The funniest bloopers are right here

The January 18, 2010 wave of giant solar UFOs has profound implications for 2010 extraterrestrial disclosure, assuming original NASA’s Stereo space data are true images.
  1. NASA cannot be trusted to perform extraterrestrial disclosure
    The technical explanation of equipment failure offered by Dr. Joe Gurman, NASA Stereo Project scientist is implausible. Without just cause, NASA removed images which showed giant solar UFOs from its website.

  2. Progressive human science now can explain giant solar UFOs
    Nassim Haramein’s singularity theory offers a plausible, science-based explanation of giant solar UFOs, which use the stargate of our Sun to access our solar system from interdimensional reality.

  3. The January 18, 2010 solar UFO wave constitutes a disclosure of their presence by extraterrestrials
    By entering our solar system through the Sun’s stargate and being monitored and recorded by NASA’s Stereo spacecraft, extraterrestrial (interdimensional) civilizations have de facto disclosed their presence in space ships as large as the Earth.

  4. Earth-sized solar UFO spaceships accessing the solar system through the stargate of a Sun that Earth has made subject to the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 (Article II), which provides that,
    • “Outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of use or occupation, or by any other means.”

  5. Earth-sized solar UFO spaceships accessing the solar system through the stargate of the Sun appear to have the capability to render emergency assistance to (or socio-political domination of) our human population, if need be.

    Such an intervention would violate a universal law of non-intervention.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cultural Competency & Extra-Terrestrial Contact

a field guide for effective communication with off-world visitors

This guide is intended to serve as a general briefing to enhance cultural competence while providing insight into the complexities of extra-terrestrial (ET) first contact. Cultural competence is defined as the ability to function effectively in the context of cultural differences. A more specific orientation or training must be provided to individuals, such as diplomatic personnel and social service providers, who will be having repeated or prolonged contact.

First contactees should use this guide to ensure the following Five Elements of Cultural Competence* are being addressed:

1. Awareness, acceptance and valuing of cultural differences.

2. Awareness of one’s own culture and values.

3. Understanding the range of dynamics that result from the interaction between entities of different cultures.

4. Developing cultural knowledge of the particular entity encountered or accessing cultural brokers who may have that knowledge.

5. Ability to adapt individual understanding and communication strategies to fit the cultural context of the individual entity, species, or home world.

*Adapted from Cross, T., Bazron, B., Dennis, K., and Isaacs, M. (1989). Towards A Culturally Competent System of Care Volume I. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Child Development Center, CASSP Technical Assistance Center.
Myths & Facts
Myth: ETs are inherently spiritual and live in harmony with universe.

Fact: The idea of all ET having a mystical spirituality is a broad generalization. This romantic stereotype can be just as damaging as other more negative stereotypes and impairs one’s ability to communicate to ETs as “real people”.

Myth: ETs have distinguishing physical characteristics and you can identify them by how they look.

Fact: Due to galactic diversity, as well as thousands of years of inter-world and inter-species interaction, there is no single distinguishing “look” for ETs. Again, this is stereotypical and could lead to unintended consequences in communication.

Communication Styles
Nonverbal Messages
ETs communicate a great deal through non-verbal gestures. Careful observation is necessary to avoid misinterpretation of non-verbal behavior.

ETs may look down to show respect or deference to elders, or ignoring an individual to show disagreement or displeasure.

A gentle handshake is often seen as a sign of respect, not weakness.

Getting messages across through telling a story (traditional teachings and personal stories) is very common and sometimes in contrast with the “get to the point” frame of mind in earthling society. Patience, acceptance and thoughtfulness are critical in establishing and maintaining effective communication.

Self-Awareness & Etiquette
Prior to making contact, examine your own belief system about ETs, related to social issues, such as species phobia, mammalian centrism and psychedelic drug use, as well as galactic issues such as consensual reality. You are being observed at all times, so avoid making assumptions and be conscious that you are laying the groundwork for others to follow.

Adapt your tone of voice, volume, and speed of speech patterns to that of specific entities to fit their manner of communication style. Preferred body language, posture, and concept of personal space depend on species norms and the nature of the personal relationship. Observe others and allow them to create the space and initiate or ask for any physical contact.

As you establish communication, you may experience expressions of mistrust, frustration, or disappointment from other situations that are outside of your control. Learn not to take it personally. If ETs tease you, understand that this can indicate rapport-building and may be a form of guidance or an indirect way of correcting inappropriate behavior. You will be more easily accepted and forgiven for mistakes if you can learn to laugh at yourself and listen to lessons being brought to you through humor.

Rapport and trust do not come easily in a limited amount of time; however, don’t be surprised if ETs speak to you about highly charged issues (e.g., sexual customs) as you may be perceived as an objective expert. Issues around gender roles can vary significantly in various ET communities. Males and females typically have very distinct social rules for behavior in every day interactions and in ceremonies.

Common behaviors for humans to be aware of as they relate to gender issues are: eye contact, style of dress, physical touch, personal space, decision making and the influence of male and/or female elders. Careful observation and seeking guidance from an entity elder on appropriate gender-specific behavior can help contactees to follow specific customs and demonstrate cultural respect.

The above information is presented as a public service by the Hedonic Engineering Department at Tek-Gnostics. A comprehensive document is available at tekgnostics.com

Time Control Technologies

by Dr. David Lewis Anderson
from AndersonInstitute Website
The ability to control time in both a forward and backwards direction is possible within the laws of our mathematics and physics. The chart below (click for larger view) compares ten different technologies an methods.
Key characteristics are identified for each and described below.
Under each key characteristic is a column with either a solid or empty circle.
A solid circle indicates a key characteristic is supported by the indicated technology or method, an empty circle indicates it is not.

  • "Time Control" indicates whether travel to future, past, or both are possible.

  • "Matter Transport" is solid if both matter and information can be transported, empty if only information can be transported.

  • "Tech Viability" is solid if the technology or method is viable with present state-of-the-art technology or within two generations.

  • "Possible Without Exotic Materials" is solid if materials required are available today or within two generations.

  • "Relatively Low Input Power" is solid if time control is achievable within power generation capabilities available today or within two generations.
The time control technologies and methods above include the following:

Time Control

Dr. David L. Anderson and time control research

Since the September report, those following the Web Bot project by reading the ALTA reports have speculated as to who the next whistleblower to follow Mr. Basiago might be. One candidate is Dr. Anderson.

According to the physicist, he was employed at a young age by the U.S. Air Force conducting advanced research and development at the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert.

During that time, he laid the foundations for what would be known as “time-warp field theory,” an approach that models and describes how to use the natural forces of inertial frame dragging to create contained and controllable fields of closed time-like curves.

At his Time Travel Research Center in Long Island, Dr. Anderson further developed time-warp field theory, as well as a third generation time warp generator. Dr. Anderson sets out 10 types of time control technologies and methods, along with a feasibility analysis of each method.
Among these time control technologies are:

  • quantum tunneling

  • time-warp fields

  • wormholes
Readers can listen to Dr. Anderson’s two-hour interview with Sandra Sabatini by clicking below controls:

Andrew D. Basiago’s time travel revelations
Mr. Basiago made his public revelations about U.S. governmental involvement in time travel initially in an August 31st interview by Jessica Schab posted on YouTube and then again during a November 11th interview on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory (below media controls).
His revelations on Coast to Coast AM are summarized as follows:
“Andrew D. Basiago discussed his experiences within a secret DARPA program “Project Pegasus” and what he claimed to be the true history of U.S. time travel research and teleportation technology... from the years 1969 to 1972.

“He described being teleported from… Wood Ridge, NJ to Santa Fe, NM via a device derived from Tesla technology. A ‘chasm’ opens up in the fabric of time-space that is wrapped around the “teleportees” as they are repositioned to a new location…

“During this time frame, he said he witnessed an accident in which a boy's feet were sheared off after he was teleported.

“He also talked about how the teleportation technology could be used for time travel, and the development of ‘chronovisors’ which allowed holographic recordings to be made of historically significant events…

Time travel technology enabled the U.S. to win the Cold War, as the government teleported military secrets into the future, to store for safekeeping, he detailed.

“The technology was also used to brief U.S. Presidents like Clinton, the Bushes, and Obama about their destinies, years before they became President, Basiago claimed.

“He also asserted that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Governor Bill Richardson both served in Project Pegasus, and he invited them to come forward with the truth.”
Readers can listen to the audio archive of the Coast to Coast AM radio program of Mr. Basiago being interviewed by host George Noory by clicking below controls:
Time control research and time travel

This reporter asked Mr. Basiago whether Dr. Anderson’s time control research validates his time travel experiences with the Tesla-based technology used by Project Pegasus.

He responded by stating that he thinks that it does, in the sense that it provides corroborating evidence that advanced applications in quantum physics can have truly revolutionary effects on the quantum environment, including the propagation of “vortal tunnels” by which people can travel between distant locations in time-space.
“It is not the same technology, but it shows similar effects,” he stated.
“In the 21st century, the quantum environment will be shaped to suit human ends, and human beings will be freed from the constraints of time-space that today we take for granted.”
Time travel technology and a positive human future

Both whistleblowers - Andrew D. Basiago and Dr. David L. Anderson - independently emphasize the connection between creating a positive human future and public disclosure of the time travel and time control capabilities that they say the U.S. government has developed but kept secret, thereby depriving the world of the potential life-advantaging benefits of technologies that manipulate the quantum environment.

Mr. Basiago stated that teleportation could be used to move people and goods more efficiently around the globe, without the pollution caused by planes, trains, and automobiles or the negative effects upon land use of airports, railroads, and highways.

Dr. Anderson stated that time control technology will solve the global energy crisis, with diverse applications in both new energy production and medical research.
In support of Mr. Basiago’s call for disclosure by the U.S. government of its time travel technologies, Dr. Anderson stated that,
“these new developments need to be made public.”