"And to this day, [those] who...know the self as I am Brahman [IS-ness], become all this universe. Even the gods [any other dimensional beings] cannot prevent his becoming this, for he has become their Self. ...if a man worships another deity thinking: He is one and I am another, he does not know. He [who does not know] is like a sacrificial animal to the gods. As many animals serve a man, so does each man serve the gods. Even if one animal is taken away, it causes anguish to the owner; how much more so when many are taken away! Therefore it is not pleasing to the gods that men should know this [that they are IS-ness]." Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, I.iv.10



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Friday, February 12, 2010

Giant ET UFOs near Sun now visible with close-up image technology, exposing possible NASA cover-up

Breakthroughs in new imaging technology developed by the firm of Ron Stewart/Ron Nussbeck may now permit human observers to identify what appear to be planet-sized extraterrestrial UFOs exiting from dimensional portals in the Sun (See images and slideshow in article below).   A giant solar UFO wave commenced January 18, 2010, as predicted by the singularity theory of physicist Nassim Haramein that postulates that planet-sized UFOs access our solar system using the Sun as a star gate. 

Images of the Sun taken by NASA Stereo spacecraft independently on January 21, 2010 and again on January 23, 2010 were submitted by this Examiner.com reporter to a demonstration test using this new proprietary imaging technology.  The resulting images and analysis arguably visually confirm the existence of extraterrestrial or interdimensional giant UFOs exiting from what the images show as portals or tunnels on the Sun, in both sets of images from independent NASA Stereo photos dated Jan. 21 and 23, 2010, respectively.  These results were released by the Ron Stewart/Ron Nussbeck firm in a report, parts 1 and 2 dated February 2 and 3, 2010.

According to communications with this reporter from film director Jose Escamilla and Mike Bird, director of Exopolitics Canada, NASA has acted to remove Stereo images of the Sun containing giant UFOs from their website. Dr. Joe Gurman, NASA Stereo Project scientist, stated the giant solar UFOs are “compression artifacts”.  The images derived by the Ron Stewart/Ron Nussbeck imaging technology appear to demonstrate that planet-sized extraterrestrial or interdimensional UFOs can be identified in these images as entering and exiting from dimensional portals in the Sun.

NASA appears, by the weight of prima facie visual evidence, to have been engaged in yet another cover-up of intelligent extraterrestrial life in our solar system, contrary to its mandate under the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958.

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