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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What are the implications of the secret U.S. Pine Gap underground base for ET/UFO disclosure?

1.  Whistleblower evidence – There is credible whistleblower (former Command Sgt. Major Bob Dean; former DOD scientist Arthur Neumann) evidence that Pine Gap is a major underground human-extraterrestrial liaison base, operated by both U.S. military-intelligence personnel, as well as extraterrestrial personnel.
2.  ANZUS and Pine Gap treaty and ET disclosure – The ANZUS and Pine Gap treaties make both the U.S. and Australia parties to the secret underground base at Pine Gap, thus presenting a major strategic and practical barrier to the U.S. government (or the Australian governmment if it is aware of the ET presence) from disclosing the extraterrestrial presence at the underground Pine Gap base.  Any disclosure of the extraterrestrial presenceon Earth by either of these governments would require a full disclosure of the Pine Gap underground extraterrestrial base and its worldwide operations, including its HAARP-related environmental weapons of mass destruction operations.
Public efforts for extraterrestrial and UFO disclosure by the U.S. government must focus on the secret underground base at Pine Gap as a priority.
3.  HAARP and the ethics of any extraterrestrials at Pine Gap – Although the Pine Gap report maintains that HAARP was developed primarily as an anti-extraterrestrial weapon, the scientific fact is that in recent years the major application of HAARP has been as a space-based environmental weapon of mass destruction against the human population.  As set out in a series of science-based reports and radio programs at peaceinspace.org, HAARP has been used as a weapon of mass destruction against the human population in the following applications.
A. HAARP-induced acts of Environmental/Scalar Warfare
Haiti earthquake (January 12, 2010) – U.S. HAARP seismic weapon triggered Haiti earthquake.  (Read summary and listen to radio interview).
B. HAARP-induced acts of Environmental/Scalar Warfare
U.S. HAARP environmental weapon triggered the following catastrophes (Read summaries and listen to radio interviews - Part 1 and Part 2)
    * Kobe, Japan Earthquake of 1995
    * Sumatra Earthquake & Tsunami of Dec. 26, 2006
    * 2 NASA Shuttle Disasters
    * Katrina Hurricane of 2005
    * Black Sea Event of 2007
    * Niigata Earthquake (Japan) 2007
    * Myanmar Cyclone - May 3, 2008
    * China Earthquake - May 12, 2008
C. HAARP & its role in the False Flag Operation of September 11, 2001, which launched a worldwide war of aggression and domestic police state worldwide. (Click here to read summary and listen to radio program.)
The independent scientific evidence is now overwhelming that HAARP is being used systematically against the human population as a space-based weapon of mass destruction.  More people were killed in the HAARP-induced seismic attack in the Haiti earthquake (230,000) than died at the U.S. nuclear bombing of Hiroshima (118,661).
4. HAARP & Extraterrestrials - The Pine Gap base is a major HAARP operational center.  If the extraterrestrial contingent at the secret underground U.S. base is in any way involved in the command and control of these HAARP environmental weapon of mass destruction attacks upon the human population, then these extraterrestrials can be classified as unethical and manipulative (and hostile) to the human population.  Even if the extraterrestrial contingent at the underground base at Pine Gap is not involved in the command and control of the HAARP attacks on the human population, it seems logical that this ET contingent would have full information about these attacks.  In any event, as this ET contingent has done nothing to restrain the unethical human government at Pine Gap - the government of the U.S. - from engaging in these HAARP attacks, one can still reasonably surmise that the Pine Gap ETs are unethical and hostile to the human population, unless proven otherwise.
5.  Pine Gap and the governance of Earth -  The 1996 Pine Gap reports indicates that Australia has been prepared as a “refuge” for a supra-national power elite in concert with these extraterrestrial civilizations, in the event of “catastrophic events” on Earth.  Yet, by the evidence it would appear that the U.S. government, which is nominally in charge of Pine Gap and its HAARP facilities – together with their cooperating ETs – are in fact acting against the long-range interest of the human population, and may intentionally be causing a campaign of geological and weather catastrophes through the use of environmental weapons like HAARP.  The U.S. government and two extraterrestrial civilizations involved in Pine Gap that have been presented as “defending Earth” in fact, through the use of HAARP in seismic attacks and other false flag operations, are acting to systematically harm and depopulate the human population.
By the evidence of HAARP environmental weapons of mass destruction attacks, the U.S. government now in charge of operating Pine Gap (possibly with those extraterrestrials operating out of Pine Gap) is not acting in the interest of humanity.  These parties are in fact committing war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide under the Fourth Geneva Convention and Articles 6 and 7 of the Rome Statute of the International Court through their use of environmental weapons of mass destruction such as HAARP.
6.  Pine Gap & Our human community – Our human community, as protected under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, must now legally demand that the government of the U.S., as well as any extraterrestrial civilizations operating Pine Gap and HAARP, dismantle these underground war-making facilities and space-based weapons of mass-destruction they have directed at the human population, and cease their genocidal course of action.
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leslielandberg said...

I just stumbled upon your site to see if anyone out there has found some leaked evidence that supports my suspicions, shared by many, that the only thing that can account for the crop circles, as well as some of the weather and earthquakes we've been experiencing for the past several years is brought to you by your good ol' US Govt. My personal theory is that the circles are directed from top secret manned sub stations orbiting the earth, relaying data from the planet and gathering data streams above the atmosphere, and that, in the long, dull course of their top secret duties, these young very intelligent scientists are bored out of their minds. The crop circles are a way of passing the time, to defeat the long tedium of hours spent alone in space...well, there's also fooling around - but these are geeks we're talking about, not the most socially adept of people. I know it's cute, but it's merit is that is also quite logical.

As for extraterrestrials, well, we sure didn't need their help to fuck up the planet and do mischief at the expense of everyone else for the profit of a few, did we?