"And to this day, [those] who...know the self as I am Brahman [IS-ness], become all this universe. Even the gods [any other dimensional beings] cannot prevent his becoming this, for he has become their Self. ...if a man worships another deity thinking: He is one and I am another, he does not know. He [who does not know] is like a sacrificial animal to the gods. As many animals serve a man, so does each man serve the gods. Even if one animal is taken away, it causes anguish to the owner; how much more so when many are taken away! Therefore it is not pleasing to the gods that men should know this [that they are IS-ness]." Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, I.iv.10



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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Colonization of Planet Earth

In the dawn of time, our planet was colonized by different races from civilizations from other planets in the galaxy. These were the space men from more advanced worlds in time and space, who came to Earth to show humanity how to evolve. The star people would begin a civilization, followed by progress and a golden age. The Earthians would be taught the universal laws for all planets, the way to live in planetary peace, light, and love with all humanity.
In the dawn of a golden age the star people would depart for their distant solar systems, leaving humanity on Earth free will to evolve on its own.
History is a repetition of golden ages followed by the ends of empires. Humanity in its own cosmic destiny, would misuse the knowledge and technology left by the visitors from the stars, and wars, famines, disease, and slavery would come to follow. Eventually these magnificient civilizations all fell to decay and ruin, and later were destroyed by earthquakes, tidal waves, conflicts, and great floods. Some were ground to dust by ice ages or incinerated to ashes by comets and meteors. Nearly nothing remains beneath the thousands of feet of glaciers, mud, sand, boulders, and oceans burying the cities left by architects of dawn 18 million years ago to 8498 B.C. Our legacy is lost in the sands of time.
Archaeologists admit they have not seen over 99 percent of what is UNDERGROUND. In other words, they know only a small fraction of what lies beneath the dirt and sand! These diggers for ruins have seen less than one percent of what is on the bottom of the oceans! And they have only found written documentation of less than one percent of how long they admit mankind has lived on Earth. In other words, these men of science know NOTHING about MOST OF HISTORY! Yet they claim to give us history, and gullible minds become the blind led by the blind.
Ancient manuscripts that Dr. George Hunt Williamson translated in a temple high in the Andes, during ten years of exhaustive research, stated that the extraterrestrials landed there about 18 million years ago, taught agriculture, carpentry, architecture, and universal laws to the primitive natives, and heralded the dawn of civilization in ancient South America. This anthropologist/archaeologist who devoted far more of his life to discovering these truths than any skeptic on Maui, was in contact with our Lahaina-based Department of Interplanetary Affairs.
This expert in ancient history was only one of many sources of the cosmology in this article, and he added the extraterrestrials will be returning to aid humanity into the dawn of the next golden age in the 21st century!
In order to learn the truth about our interplanetary heritage, however, it is only neccessary to go to college and major in history. All major ancient civilizations LEFT WRITTEN RECORDS that they were taught civilization by the star people from Sirius, Orion, and most often the Pleiades (and their base on Venus). Most ancient civilizations, and also the Hopi and Navajo indians, worshipped these sky people built temples dedicated to these messengers from the stars. Modern historians (with their narrow minds unable to believe in ancient space colonizations) called what the ancients believed was truth Òlegends.Ó These histort books were based on university studies from the ignorance of the 19th century and early 20th century, when interplanetary travel and technology described in ancient writings was considered impossible science fiction. Now we know better.
The advanced technology of ancient space visitors was so modern that primitive ancients believed it was Òmajic.Ó Their writtings called the spaceships VIMANAS (flying boats from the golden age), flying boats, flying chariots, thunderbirds, flying metal eggs, and AURA-AURAUUVAS (flyling pearly shells of divinity)...,terms no funnier than our own modern silly FLYING SOUCERS (America), FLYING BURRITOS (Mexico) or our own militaryÕs terms for THEIR flying aerial craft (Skyhawks, Thunderbirds, Blue Angels, Tomcats, Flying Tigers). What would historians 2,000 years in to future think of those legendary 20th century flying things?
The fact is the Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Hindus, Greeks, Assyrians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, Mayans, Aztecs, Chaldeans, Tibetans, etc. ALL LEFT WRITTEN RECORDS of their contacts with superior beings from the stars and planets who taught them civilization! Back in those days national governements DID NOT lie to the citizens about UFOs and space aliens like they do TODAY. In that sense the ancients were wiser than we!
It is very important to understand that THERE IS NOT ONLY ONE TYPE OF ALIEN IN ONE TYPE OF BODY FROM ONE CERTAIN PLANET OR DIMENSION WITH ONLY ONE MISSION ON EARTH. That is like believing there is only one kind of human on Earth with one belief here. It is very naive to believe the popular current mass-media depiction of aliens who are ugly little gray humanoids with huge heads and bulging eyes, who are all here to kidnap Earthlings and livestock. This scenerio has been getting a lot of airplay on television documentaries on talk shows and is in Whitley StrieberÕs best selling book COMMUNION, etc. And it is also very naive to be like so many wide-eyed new-age true believers, who never having done their homework, believe all ETs are loving Òspace brothersÓ here to rescue us from the prophecized cataclysms and then build us the golden age of Aquarius.
CIA/NSA/MAJESTIC-12 documents indicate at least 70 DIFFERENT civilizations visiting Earth, including at least three that are hostile humanoids with battalions of androids, clones, robots, enslaved humans, and at least a dozen crashed flying saucers from a science without a spirit.
Most of the 25 to 30 civilization actively here to help humanity have different strategies, small to large fleets, higher to lower public profiles, different abilities to withstand our harsh atmosphere, different ÒcontacsÓ with Earth representatives, and different levels of evolution between each other. Some are PHYSICALLY nearly the same as we are, while others are so different they would shock too many people and they are beyond the comprehension of too many others(TO WALK AMONGST US). Certain races even exist slightly beyond our extremely narrow range of vision. There are DIFFERENT Interplanetary Confederations aiding foreign worlds like Earth, and each disagree on the method of aid just like NOT ALL NATIONS ON EARTH AGREE ON FOREIGN AID TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES. Just as lhe Allies Of the United States disagreed on U. S. intervention in Panama and Vietnam, so do many worlds disagree on intervention in NATION EARTH! For instance, some races from certain worlds believe they should actively use their technology to stop a nuclear war on Earth, while other races refuse to interfere in an atomic battle here, believing it is our own karma "and not their karma."
Some civilizations are here to rescue certain earthians from global disasters caused by nature while othes aliens say that is none of their business. However, MOST alien civilizations visiting Earth are only here to study us like our scientists study primitive natives and insects, and absolutely have no interest in helping us in any way!
And the CIA/MAJESTIC-I2/NSA secrecy is based on their extreme panic regarding the races that are only here to ripoff our minerals, crops, farm animals, water, and, shockingly, our citizens (in all those abductions). These aliens are only here to exploit Earth. The usual question has been "Why don't the good guys get rid of the bad guys for us?"
The answer is the interplanetary law that ÒNO PLANET MAY INTERFERE IN THE AFFAIRS OF ANOTHER PLANET WITHOUT BEING INVITED.Ó The advanced spiritual civilisations are not allowed to come to Earthth and force their ways on us. We have free will, and we have elected governments that kept the uuth about the aliens SECRET, lie to the citizens about the aliens, and rejected their offers of aid to humanity. (For details see the first 4 installments of this series.) All of us on Earth are responsible for its problems by allowing them to happen by not actively uniting to prevent those problems. THE ALIENS HAVE OFTEN SAID THAT IF ALL OF THE HUMANS ON EARTH WHO BELIEVED IN LOVE, PEACE, BROTHERHOOD, AND A BETTER WORLD UNITED AND ACTIVELY WORKED TOWARD THAT GOAL. WE COULD CHANGE THE WORLD AND MANIFEST A NEW GOLDEN AGE. Yet most Earthians are so involved in their daily material existencesl, gossip, luxuries, laziness, apathy, indifference, and distractions from a spiritual path that they have allowed the negative forces to control the world. This is our own karma...not the karma of space beings! The Plieiadeans, our traditional planetary guardians, have reportedly stated that they are not interested in giving commands and never demand. They only give Òsuggestions.Ó If we fail to learn from those suggestions it is our own fault. Their suggestions throughout time are found in specific sentences in all the world's major religions, in new age literature, and in many well-documented modern UFO contact cases that most people are too narrow-minded to believe (or never bother to research). The aliens violating interplanetary laws, like we detailed in the last issue, have destroyed civilizations in the Orion, Rigel, and Lyra systems, yet they FAILED in the Sirius and Pleiadeans systems and many others too. That proves these enemy aliens with their 500,000 years star wars are not too powerfull to be removed from the ptanet (The CFR and ClA's problem!) The friendly aliens have left humanity a method to free the world from the negative interference from the enemy aliens and have shown us the weaknesses of the invaders. They do have some serious weaknesses! And that is what this series will be leading up to, so stay tuned. However WE MUST DEAL WITH THE PROBLEM OUR SELVES with their advice.
THE PLEIADEANS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GIVE US TECHNOLOGY EITHER. They are only allowed to telepathically channel the ideas to scientists or inventors on inventions. However, most of their technology cannot be given to Earthians today because it could easily be misused to destroy civilization, THERE MUST BE PEACE ON EARTH FIRST! And even then they are only permitted to show us things like they did with the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians. They cannot hand us inventions. And we must first invite them to show us! Earth is a democracy in the family of planets, and the MAJORIYY VOTE here now is a combination of "I don't believe in the aliens" and "I know they are real but they are evil invaders." Before our FREE WILL allows them to contact us we must give them the MAJORITY EARTH VOTE! 

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