"And to this day, [those] who...know the self as I am Brahman [IS-ness], become all this universe. Even the gods [any other dimensional beings] cannot prevent his becoming this, for he has become their Self. ...if a man worships another deity thinking: He is one and I am another, he does not know. He [who does not know] is like a sacrificial animal to the gods. As many animals serve a man, so does each man serve the gods. Even if one animal is taken away, it causes anguish to the owner; how much more so when many are taken away! Therefore it is not pleasing to the gods that men should know this [that they are IS-ness]." Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, I.iv.10



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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Moon & Mars Research Fact Sheet & Contradictory Statements From NASA

The purpose of this fact sheet is to get you to become aware of what is going on around you. There are many contradictions and discrepancies in NASAs reports. All you have to do is open your eyes, ask questions, and/or do some research.
The men who invented radio, Marconi and Telsa, both reported receiving intelligent radio signals from Mars. In 1927 a government experiment to contact Mars with radio-telegraphy resulted in Morse code dots and dashes drawing a human face on a graph made from signals from Mars.
For several decades astronomers reported seeing moving and flashing lights on Mars. Dr. Martin of Viking Control(Mars mission probes) said the biology instruments on Mars recorded positive signs of life and that there was carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and sufficient amount of water trapped below the Martian ground surface that could be released to cover the entire planet with an ocean a few deep feet. There is also frozen surface ice in the polar regions.
When a Viking Probe did land in Mars to detect life, the soil was blasted at thousands of degrees temperature by the after-burner rockets, stuck a shovel in the fried soil, and reported no life. No life on Earth could have survived that scorching heat! The probe also blew away the top soil that could have contained biological evidence.
Dr. George Sands of Mission Control stated, There is ground fog at the landing site during part of the day. 30 microns of water have been found in the atmosphere, enough for frost/snow. NASA also made a 100% error in two separate news releases in the data on the argon content in the Martian atmosphere. When NASA space probes landed on Mars they used a fifty foot parachute to slow it down, which is totally impossible in a 1% atmosphere. It would take a parachute thousands of feet wide to slow down a space probe of that magnitude in a 1% atmosphere!
Water based clouds like on Earth have been photographed and monitored up to 15,000 feet over Mars, along with fog. This is impossible in NASAs claimed atmospheric pressure of only 7.7 millibars!
SCIENTIFIC MAGAZINE stated, The Martian atmosphere is by no means too hostile to exclude life. The photographed sand dunes on Mars have the same height and spacing as sand dunes in Colorado, which is impossible in a 1% atmosphere.(NASA claims). It would take 200 mph winds to make sand dunes in NASAÕs 1% atmosphere, where they also say no winds over 40 mph were ever recorded, in another contradictory statement.
Space probes revealed that it snows around the Martian polar caps, the ice caps melt in the summer and the green areas expand with the melting ice. How can ice melt at below freezing temperatures, which NASA claims are always in that area?
Dr. Daniel J. Milton, of the US Geological Survey, stated, we have photographed the Martian mystery channels(canals). They resemble huge flood channels about 25 miles wide and hundreds of miles long shaped by sudden discharges of water. While NASA attempts to convince the public these are dry river beds from ancient times, other clear color photos show green vegetation(appearing) images along the channels that change with the seasons like vegetation Earth.
An international AP official news release stated that some photos of Mars northern regions reveal mysterious patterns, resembling contour plowing on the planetÕs surface..Striped patterns resembling aerial photos on Earth of farmers plowing of fields too regular to be natural.
The mysterious face shown in Mars photos is said to be a trick of light and shadows by NASA. However, it still looked the same when photos were taken by Soviet space probes at different angle of light. Close inspection of the photos revealed as much detail on the face as teeth and pupils. At an exact 90¡ angle from the center line of the face is a formation of pyramids that have precise geometric imagery. This formation is identical the formation of pyramids in Egypt.
Why did the Americans 1993 Mars space probe suddenly become silent right before it was to take pictures of the (face) and (pyramids). NASA said they purposely shutt-off the transmitters and could not get them back on again, which is a complete violation of standard NASA policy. NASA claimed it was necessary for atmospheric entry yet the manufactures of the equipment said NASA was wrong. Did NASA lie about the Mars space probe because the pictures were too revealing or was the probe destroyed by intelligent life on Mars?
Dr. Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist, stated that spectrogram analysis indicated that the Martian moons are hollow and made of metal apparently covered with engineered soil. Scientists stated their orbits are far too irregular and speeds too abnormal to possibly be natural moons and that they have to be artificial. A Soviet space probe attempting to photograph these moons in 1989 suddenly disappeared before its last photos revealed a missile like object heading at it from the direction of Phobos II.
Straight road like impressions were photographed on Mars too straight to be natural formations. Why were only a small fraction of the Mariner photos released to the public? The question isnÕt, Is NASA hiding something? It is, What is NASA hiding?
There are straight lines resembling roads cut through Moon craters, valleys, and mountains in photos. The Ranger 2 took over 200 photos of domes on the Moon. The Soviet Lunar Orbiter 2 took 33 Moon dome photos. A pyramid, rectangular structures, lights, artificial lakes, domes, and parked crafts were photographed on the dark side of the Moon. The Department of Interplanetary Affairs have seen these photos, which apparently leaked out. A tall white spire resembling the Washington monument, a carved cross, huge perfectly rounded indented circles, and geometrically arranged lines and objects were photographed by the Apollo spacecraft.

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